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Sorcerer Ain't Got Nuthin'

Tags: Deep Penetration, Woman On Top, Creampie, Risley Law,

24 March 2013
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  • Nabe: actually, I was told those comment boxes are off for everyone if I remember correctly that's just Ellery's style, and I gotta respect that as for me, I do enjoy the banter (here on FTPixxx); liking how I can get some ideas from you guys every now and then, for one
    28 Mar 2013 17:53
  • Nabe: and she seems to be the fun-loving goofy gal that you wanna hang out with, interacting with the cats in one of the re-cap intros and everything
    28 Mar 2013 17:34
  • Erza lover: Yeah, a new girl is always welcomed to this site, especially hot as she is. Yeah Nabe, I agree with you. I was shocked after that episode. from a big girl to tiny girl, that something to notice.
    27 Mar 2013 06:29
  • Erza lover: Yeah, Nabe. That would be nice to know. Can you ask her about the comment section. It not possible to comment to the pics. maybe it just for the guest, but I think many members have asked about the same. so I don't know what the problem is? :/
    27 Mar 2013 06:26
  • Pixiv: DAT ASS
    26 Mar 2013 07:17
  • koy: Heh,the extra blush doesnt bother me :p On a side note, since you met ellery, maybe you can lift many of ours' doubts as to if she/he is really a woman or not XD. Anyways, keep up the good work as usual
    26 Mar 2013 06:36
  • datguy: Dat Ass.
    26 Mar 2013 04:45
  • Forever Red: ...AWESOME!I thought I'd never see her,but here she is.Fate really is smilling down upon the girls. ;)
    25 Mar 2013 22:30
  • Nabe: quite a thing to mention... it was Ellery who taught me how to do it, during that one time we met when I was still a n00bling
    25 Mar 2013 18:42
  • SweetBlow: Ellery and you are using too much blush imo.
    25 Mar 2013 17:07
  • Ddd: cool to see a new girl^^ keep up the good work!
    25 Mar 2013 00:12