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Satisfying the Sisters

Tags: Mirajane Strauss, Lisanna Strauss, Natsu Dragneel, Gildarts Clive, From Behind, Cum On Pussy, Multiple Girls, Foursome,

19 August 2014
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  • Lexus1Fan: Wow great work on this one, this inspires me to make a 4some request too xD.
    22 Aug 2014 17:32
  • Mez: wow natsu and gildartz have been getting a lot of the action for weeks now. anyway good art, mira looking sexy as fuck.
    20 Aug 2014 06:41
  • Natsu Strauss: Oooh ! *.* Fabulous, Ferds, Il love it so much ! :D Thank you ! ^_^
    20 Aug 2014 05:51
  • xxxLover: Please make my request Ferds!
    20 Aug 2014 01:36
  • Ferds: nope, as long as the members are satisfied then it doesn't really matter. I dont really focus that much on the males, its the female characters that im focusing on as for multi-account cheating, really? i dont think they'd go that far :)
    19 Aug 2014 13:18
  • lucky: How interesting there's so many requests for minor a middle aged male like Gildarts. It's smell it's obviously smells as multi-account cheating I just wanna ask artist. are you really so naive or not to pretty smart to see a so fucking obviously things ?
    19 Aug 2014 11:35