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Tags: Mirajane Strauss, From Behind, Cum On Pussy, Angled,

9 March 2014
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  • Erza lover: A tip from me too make your artwork better is make the pussier more red. Not red, RED, but a little more red than so pink. Make them more realistic by using the same color as real pussies in real life.
    12 Sep 2014 21:21
  • green: ok
    12 May 2014 11:35
  • Jaqwan: Please only mirajane
    24 Mar 2014 04:30
  • Ferds: .. YES
    10 Mar 2014 10:16
  • Don: more mira pics ;)
    10 Mar 2014 02:45
  • Hippy: Great job with this one, Ferds. This one right here and the Erza drawing you uploaded yesterday are your best drawings by far. Both were given their respective manga/anime body types and that's always important to remember. I agree with Xeos that it would've looked better if you added detail on the pussy. Same goes for the nipples.
    10 Mar 2014 00:59
  • Xeos: Hands down the best pic you've done to date ferds. I would say that more detail on the pussy would make it better. Any chance for a Kagura pic soon?
    9 Mar 2014 19:20