Ren x Kagura


Posted by Lexus

Tags: 69, Ren Akatsuki, Mikazuki Kagura,

18 January 2017
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  • Viper: Even if is the same person, members cant cheat the username in the suggestion box anymore, so he must be paying 2 or 3 accounts. That means 90 by month more than anybody here, maybe is just like that. So cheaters as Egate, don/fish etc are over :) And Xellen: get a life and stop checking and counting other members requests, wait..I dont see any request with the username Xellen! Maybe you are don/fish or beberino and you are jealous :)
    6 Feb 2017 09:43
  • Lexus: <strong>thanks, i wasnt aware actually, sinceive only been in ftpixxx a few times. will take note on that!
    5 Feb 2017 20:12
  • xyx: Nice! Would love to see more Erza, Juvia and Lucy again &lt;3
    20 Jan 2017 18:53
  • Xellen: Lexus, I'd like to point out that this request has already been done way back in October last year. I understand that it was a different artist who did it, but it's been done. Not to mention, that this exact same pose along with the character Ren has been used more than 14 different times now, all with a different girl each time. A total of 3 different people have accumulated these requests but the simple fact that the pose and t...
    he same character is always in them leads me to believe they are all the same person.
    20 Jan 2017 04:47
  • Erik: Yes!! Thank u so much Lexus the pic is hot! :)
    19 Jan 2017 21:56
  • yusuke: nice! what about a gray x lucy version?
    19 Jan 2017 21:45

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