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Tags: Mavis Vermillion, Spread Vagina, Cum On Pussy,

27 March 2014
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  • hueo: excelente imagen :3
    3 Apr 2014 18:15
  • Ferds: that's your comment, as far as im concerned im open to all suggestions, which you never had any at all. thank you for the feedback though normally i dont reply to comments like these, but seeing that your name goes to a certain website that steals images from paid websites, i will report you to our web admin and ban you. oh and also try to ban that website that you kinda showed off
    30 Mar 2014 10:01
  • Tenshinanawi: Well, I do really like Ferds's art... ^^; The only thing that would make it better is probably the shading or additional effect, like in those two pictures
    29 Mar 2014 23:11
  • lala: Please, put Mavis x Zeref and Gray x Lucy
    29 Mar 2014 03:06
  • Anon: hmm honestly dude i don't understand you, people are starting to like what ferds is doing and i am one of those viewers who likes his work now. I don't mean to offend you or anyone but in my opinion those 2 pics are not really that good for me, like for example that first one her body looks like a molded lump of clay while that 2nd pic looks good but on a closer look her arms look small not matching the viewers perspective. This is just me voicing my opinion on ferds works, but who are you...
    to contact HK for people to be replaced while that link on your name steals said images to be posted for free without their consent. So for me i would like YOU to be replaced :p ciao~
    28 Mar 2014 07:04
  • AzulaX: You've been drawing for hentaikey for a while now. But you need to IMPROVE. Please spend a little more time to make your art more like these submissions: - http://fairytailpixxx.com/2012/11/20/lucys-on-top/ - http://fairytailpixxx.com/2012/11/19/first-attempt-on-erza-scarlet/ Please! Try to be more professional. Because if by next month I see no real improvement, I will contact hentaikey for you to be replaced.
    28 Mar 2014 01:03