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30 March 2014
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  • oturan: bitching will get you nowhere how about you show some fucking support instead of threatening to get him replaced i think hes bad too but you could atleast not be a ass hole about it
    3 May 2014 02:33
  • MC.Furry: @AzulaX, if you don't like these pics, why do you even visit this site??? stop complaining and go to another website instead!
    15 Apr 2014 17:10
  • SJ7: Just check out the Fairy Tail section on a different site like Rule34 or some other hentai site if you got such a huge problem with Ferds lol.
    10 Apr 2014 12:09
  • jax: It looks really good. fap worthy indeed. ignore what the idiot hater has to say.
    31 Mar 2014 18:13
  • Cool you head: you can go suck a dick, these person is trying their best. People do in fact like their art, so if you report this person you just make yourself out to be a little bitch.
    30 Mar 2014 18:43
  • AzulaX: I can't believe hentaikey didn't advertise for candidates for Fairy Tail. The candidates that lost on BleachPiXXX were a million times better than this shit artist.
    30 Mar 2014 14:48
  • AzulaX: I'm giving you 4 weeks for you to improve. If I don't see any improvement by the end of April, I will be requesting HentaiKey to replace you. I will BEG members from NarutoPiXXX & BleachPiXXX to report to HentaiKey about your shit art, and that is when you'll be replaced. So, you better improve or you'll risk getting kicked out. I want to fap to FairyTail, but your works make my dick limp.
    30 Mar 2014 11:55
  • higfig: Looks good.
    30 Mar 2014 10:55
  • Tenshinanawi: Lovely pic ! Also I saw that on her right hand and left knee there is a small red line, of course, it's nothing, but you should maybe fix it :p
    30 Mar 2014 10:27