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Posted by Yaichi

Tags: Natsu Dragneel, Chelia Blendy (adult),

10 June 2015
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  • gray fullbuster: the picture will never be ready ?
    9 Nov 2015 19:04
  • Rouge Software: I can't see the image.. is this only mine or the link migth be broken?? help please...
    28 Jun 2015 10:47
  • Scarlet Twins: Ophiuchus (eclipse) and Virgo (eclipse) fucked by Loke (eclipse)
    12 Jun 2015 23:59
  • souleaterx: I guess this doesn't mean anything now, but in the hope that we can have a good artist-viewer relationship I will saythat I am not a member.
    12 Jun 2015 19:19
  • AceMercer: I can't see the picture :(
    12 Jun 2015 02:54
  • Yaichi: I agree with you, but I'm just gonna go back to FanPiXXX because this whole "artist war" is just ridiculous! I'm not here to replace Ferbs or anything in that nature, I only came here to draw Fairy Tail characters, that's all. I appreciate some of the people that are defending me, but I don't appreciate the fact that they keep going back and forth about who's the better artist is this site! I'm through with Fairy Tail PiXXX! I bid you farewell!
    11 Jun 2015 04:11
  • julia34: Hi Yaichi! I suspected that you would to FTpixxx, your features are very good, like the former artist, Nable! I like when the artist perfectly follows the style of original design!
    10 Jun 2015 20:47
  • Celto: I AM a member, however my subscription ran out last year, and I'm not prepared to renew my subscription until I see that the situation with the Pixxx sites has been settled. All this with some sites having 2 artists whereas some Pixxx sites like this one and One Piece Pixxx only have 2 artists, it's HentaiKey being biased. Sure, Naruto and Bleach are the most popular but there are just as many fans for Fairy Tail and One Piece. Having 2 artsits on ever Pixxx sites is an important necessity....
    Not only does it mean that each artist can cover for the other, but it means that the requests get done much quicker.
    10 Jun 2015 19:30
  • Celto: How did Ferds keep the comment section clean? He's been an artist here for around a year and the most amount of comments he's had on an image is 13, and that image was posted a few weeks ago. The reason why there was so few comments is because ferds barely replies to anyone, which he should be doing. Yaichi is good in that aspect, as he's not afraid to tell someone how it is.
    10 Jun 2015 19:25
  • Sasuke -fms-: I didn't think they were underage in the lineart (if thats the reason the pic was removed) But I still hope to the pic here later
    10 Jun 2015 18:48
  • Celto: Here you are criticizing the artist before he's even began and yet when it comes to you putting in a request that you want done so badly, you're really showing him how to be appreciated, huh? The reason you members pay for a subscription is to gain access to the artists art in full quality, yet you don't realize by doing that you're also saying that you support the artists. Stop being so down right ungrateful and be happy that this site is finally getting some well needed support from an...
    other artist.
    10 Jun 2015 17:47
  • Daz: or you can try acting mature about it and understand where he's coming from instead of acting like a prat
    10 Jun 2015 10:30
  • mest: try respecting the artist first so take your own advice. he's obviously fed up with you trolls's ignorance.
    10 Jun 2015 07:29
  • Markan: First thing clown, *deathstroke* which is probably a troll account or an imposter troll acting like a real member, you need to have proof that the people sent yaichi's requests to be members or not. You don't go by everything on conclusions and jump on them. besides, it's usually members themselves that send their email to yaichi, as non-members don't have access to them. stop being butthurt that people prefer yaichi's art over ferd's non quality ones.
    10 Jun 2015 07:28
  • mest: obviously you are blind enough to not know that in the manga, they look like kids too. ferds art sucks.
    10 Jun 2015 07:25
  • Daz: You're not a member of this site either, what's your point? still butthurt for a month now? that you didn't get your free requests done ;) I be nice to yaichi, because his art is quality, and is a lot better than ferds.
    10 Jun 2015 07:24
  • Jevo: Stop being a litte bitch and give respect to the artist
    10 Jun 2015 07:09
  • Mhg: Do you arrogant people even realize that natsu and chelia look underage in the manga! Yaichi draws much better than Ferds
    10 Jun 2015 06:59
  • Yaichi: I think I just made her too short. I'll contact the admins about that.
    10 Jun 2015 06:02
  • Yaichi: Yeah... Maybe that's not a good thing to say huh? :p I am serious about getting along with everyone though.
    10 Jun 2015 06:01
  • Yaichi: I do respect their requests and I agree with you, maybe some of them are NON-members ,but that doesn't mean that I'll grant them any requests from the comments, if their requests are not in the suggest box, I'm not gonna do it. When I said "suck it up," I only meant putting up with their insults, if they don't like my art, that's okay. I'll just have to do better, I'm not gonna pick a fight with you like I did on FanPiXXX. I'm not expecting on anyone to be on my side or Ferbs' side. I'm just doi...
    ng my job.
    10 Jun 2015 05:45
  • HKmember23: 'Suck it up' Lol? is this the part where you say " And I hope I'll get along with you guys."? Sorry but that is not a good start pal eh...
    10 Jun 2015 05:39
  • HKmember23: What is this? is underage now allowed too? haha. Lucky we got a second choice for request. By the way the 'submit request' clic is gone...
    10 Jun 2015 05:36
  • *Deathstroke*: You gotta respect other people opinion and tastes, even they do not like your art or criticizes this do not gives you the reason to insult them. If you are an artist as you say make it better next time instead insulting people.
    10 Jun 2015 05:23
  • *Deathstroke*: I agree with the other guy above, i bet that 98% of those comments and emails you got are from non members. I don't think the administrators check this and i also don't think at least half of people who asked to put you here will now become a member just because you are here. But the good point is having you here may get Ferds more time to rest because he really deserves that. And i suggest you get back to fanpixxx, though the site has very few requests including mine but still does have, it'...
    s not updated for quite time. Just an advice for you, if you intend to stay here respect people including the PAID members, telling them to 'suck it up', 'fuck off' and insult them just because they do not like your art it's a good start to get them to move away from the site. Specially the premium members 9paid ones).
    10 Jun 2015 05:13
  • Yaichi: He's not getting any free requests so don't start anything like you did on FanPiXXX. I didn't know who was a member back then, but now I do. I didn't become an artist so you criticize me here too. I'm going to be really mature about this whole thing and just suck it up. Have a good day!
    10 Jun 2015 04:06
  • Yaichi: No... I'm not ignoring my requests from FanPiXXX. I had some difficulties in the past, I'm not going have any here as well. The reason I became an artist here is because I've been getting comments and emails about reapplying here. 20% of me did it for my own benefit, the rest was because I wanted to give what what the people wanted.
    10 Jun 2015 04:01
  • Unknowman: '''very fantastic''' Do you expect to get more free requests with your nicely comments again daz? I don't think it's happening again. 98% of Yaichi's fans are not even a member and that includes you and Celto as well.
    10 Jun 2015 03:34
  • Brad Bish: Some people are blind lol...They look like kids i'll wait to see it with color to take my decisions. Though i'm still new on HentaiKey Ferdz art is much better.
    10 Jun 2015 03:23
  • *Deathstroke*: So you just gonna ignore all fanpixxx requests and start here just like that picture i saw once with a big 'FUCK OFF'? Great... As for your art i don't see any improvment...
    10 Jun 2015 03:00
  • Daz: very fantastic. also it seems you have drawn chelia to look like an adult as well.
    10 Jun 2015 02:51

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