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Now She Is My New Bitch

Tags: Lisanna Strauss, Natsu Dragneel, Gildarts Clive, WIP,

4 January 2015
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  • Celto: You need to stop using Gildarts so much. If he's a requested character than at least balance it out more so he doesn't appear so frequently. It is kind of annoying seeing one character appear in nearly every image.
    7 Jan 2015 05:19
  • Ferds: glad ya liked it. gildart's face is really kiiiiiiiinda fucked in this one. The angle's a bit hard
    7 Jan 2015 01:30
  • richard: Thank you very much Ferds :D , I like the netorare
    7 Jan 2015 01:18
  • 16arir: Please Michelle lobster with gray and not old man again. i hate it.
    4 Jan 2015 16:33