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New Year Preparations 04

Tags: Blowjob, Boobjob, Facial, Mavis Vermillion,

30 December 2013
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  • Erza lover: Yea, what's up with the thin lines that erzafan talked about? I personally prefer the old style you began with and the one Nabe used. :) Please use that one. Not for me, but for the one who is actually paying. What do I know, maybe they like it. So therefore I will shut up. :)
    16 Jan 2014 18:46
  • erzafan: if you pay me for it yea why not, every other artist did it better, i mean ok ellery and rex are on a whole other lvl but he could just try to be as good as robert or darwin
    1 Jan 2014 07:27
  • LevyLover: Do it better if you can
    30 Dec 2013 21:18
  • erzafan: nearly no lines in the pic but a REALLY fat black line around it? sry but every kid with windows paint could make this better ...
    30 Dec 2013 20:44
  • Tenshinanawi: Impressive ! Really nice pic !
    30 Dec 2013 13:47