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Looks Like Someone Failed His Will Save

Tags: Outdoor, Ultear Milkovich, Exhibitionist,

28 March 2013
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  • qazwsx: Like
    3 Apr 2013 15:15
  • Nabe: I bet her and Jellal have been boning consistently during their council days
    2 Apr 2013 20:00
  • coco: love how u draw her face and hair, and always been thinking ,this bitch gotta have a big pussy until u showed me this ;)
    31 Mar 2013 05:06
  • Nabe: I was just having a bit of fun with the lore, thought the concept's equal parts funny and hot. Imagine your female best friend makes herself up as some girl you've been having the hots on and then starts taking her clothes off and talking dirty to you. Yep. That.
    30 Mar 2013 20:42
  • Nabe: ah yes, that's coz she's resting on her floaty lacrima ball thingy that we see with her a lotta times
    30 Mar 2013 20:38
  • Erza lover: Not to be rude or something, just critic, but Ultear's hand is in the thin air. That's something to notice, don't you agree? First I didn't notice, but actually her hands is on the air. well, now I am confused.
    30 Mar 2013 20:34
  • Erza lover: First I though it was Erza. It looked very like her if you ask me. Well, a Ultear with different hair color is not so bad, is it? I like it and as many other guys have mentioned you can actually see all the good parts in high and great quality. So 5/5 from me to. Great artwork and keep the good work up, Nabe.:)
    30 Mar 2013 20:30
  • AnonJ: UltearxKagura people will like it! Ultear needs more attention :D
    30 Mar 2013 13:20
  • Nabe: and Jellal must learn to fight the urge... poor guy...
    29 Mar 2013 15:17
  • Nabe: Yeah, let's just say Ultear's in need of some dicking right now, and Jellal's the only guy in town. For a seemingly stoic neutral good atoner, he's surprisingly lucky. I'm experimenting on "skin sheen", actually. Just reluctant about the results for now. Tends to slow me down often, so I've been looking for workarounds to smooth down the process. And, yeah, UltearxKagura ought to bring out some sexy Jellal drama around here. Been meaning to make one of those, heh heh heh.
    29 Mar 2013 15:15
  • Nabe: orgasm feedbacks ought to be awesome... noted!
    29 Mar 2013 15:08
  • 123: is erza
    29 Mar 2013 10:30
  • ace: I think ultear is trying to look like someone shes not 0.0 It's funny when you look at there face's XD 10/10 nabe
    29 Mar 2013 07:08
  • Xeos: I'm not gonna lie, this is your best pic to date. The position is great, it gives you a bit of everything she has to offer if you know what I mean ;D my only criticism to this and your future Pixxx is to add shine to the shadings. It give off that effect that they have smooth silky skin. That's what your Pixxx are missing, at least in my opinion. But still 5/5 for this. Maybe an UltearxKagura pic soon?
    29 Mar 2013 00:13
  • koy: hey nabe, 'nother nice one mate :), nude pics (or at least solo girls) are and will always be my favorite :p altough, for some reason when i saw this pic i started thinking how it would be with meredi and ultear beign hooked up with a sensory link and masturbating.. you think the ones pleasure would overtake the others? or would it accumulate all togheter for both of them? just a tought :p.. keep up the good work as always :)
    28 Mar 2013 22:14