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Juvia (Old Render)

Tags: Doggy, Dog-style, Juvia,

27 November 2012
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  • Lol I'm a guy: You should use this style more often it looks better in my opinion
    4 Dec 2012 16:49
  • 123456: fuck yes juvia
    28 Nov 2012 21:15
  • Tim: I'm back Nabe!..mmmm.. Whoa! Nice Picture of Juvia. 1)Juvia needs to be drooling from the side of her mouth. 2)Show some wetness(ahh!)[soundeffect]!! 3)Show the part where he grabs her hips, show her sexy curvein, sexy body in (doggy style) 1(ahh!) 1(ahh!) 1(ahh!)(wooooow)!!![soundeffect]!!
    28 Nov 2012 04:14
  • ErzaxZoro1991: This is your best picture. Prefect anatomy and portions and great shading, you should base all your pictures on this artstyle
    28 Nov 2012 03:20
  • The truth: This is actually your best yet, maybe you should stun with this style
    28 Nov 2012 02:45
  • Grunt: Much hotter than her other pic i like it when they are drawn closer to their real image myself nice pic.
    27 Nov 2012 22:22
  • Derek: I think the old render looks the best out of all of them so far.
    27 Nov 2012 22:17
  • Awesomesauce: Awesome you fixed the proportions ^-^ It looks great. At first I thought that it might be Gray who was behind her but he's more muscular than that :p
    27 Nov 2012 21:15
  • Jacketguy: Wow, this is pretty amazing. I haven't watched the show yet bu based on these pics, I think imma like it REAL good :D Btw, how in the world did Shutara get 73 dislikes that fast?! The power of hentai sites...
    27 Nov 2012 21:02
  • SweetBlow: Actually your best pic so far. What's your gender btw, I think you are female just like Ellery!?
    27 Nov 2012 19:29
  • Nabe: Personally, I'd prefer either straight up vanilla or something with bondage involved. But I don't have problems with anal at all.
    27 Nov 2012 18:48
  • GodOfPeace: I enjoy this for sure.:d This looks really good and it's quite close to the original, except her eye maybe, but that's all. Wanted to ask though, do you ever make anal pics? Or only if ppl requests it?
    27 Nov 2012 18:33
  • Shutara: Hello!!! thank you very well!!!!
    27 Nov 2012 18:19