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Jenny What's The Problem

Tags: Deep Penetration, Doggy, Creampie, Jenny Realight,

5 September 2013
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  • M: you haven't draw Wendy for so long, could you draw some please.
    10 Sep 2013 07:26
  • Scarlet: Not bad, but you really need to work more on your pictures. The skin tones should be a little bit more darker, like the other hentai artists do (Narutopixxx, or Bleachpixxx). And I think you need to work also on the boobs, you make them very big and pointy.
    8 Sep 2013 08:20
  • N: Wow that a wonderful piece of art you are really good, continue doing. I love the Jenny and Mirajane pictures you should do one of those girls together
    5 Sep 2013 18:37