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It's Virgo Time

Tags: Virgo, Penetration,

29 November 2012
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  • Nabe: Erm, no worries, buddy! I'd like to keep this blog all nice and friendly-like. I have to admit, I tend to snap back when it comes to FT model dimensions, but it'll all be cool, you'll see! :)
    2 Dec 2012 16:59
  • ultimos: one more thing this is a awsome pic virgo looks sexy thanks nabe.
    1 Dec 2012 19:17
  • ultimos: godofpeace virgo's breasts are the same size i looked at virgo's breasts when i went to fairy tail wiki/virgo her breasts looked about the same size as this pic i know it is none of my business but i had to say somethind. i can't help but interfere with other peoples business i'll try not to interfere with your business anymore.
    1 Dec 2012 19:14
  • personne: more quality plz
    30 Nov 2012 14:43
  • GodOfPeace: Not bad, but the shading aren't dark enough, and her breasts are - again - too small.:P And indeed the lines should be thicker~
    30 Nov 2012 09:30
  • lucy fans: (╯▽╰) ayee
    30 Nov 2012 02:51
  • Hentaizero: one puts the Mirajane
    29 Nov 2012 20:29
  • Megakidd: This was really well drawn, I agree you should darken up the lines a little bit, but not too much. Also, you should try to blend the shading a bit, and maybe tone down the contrast on that also. Right now I just find it to abrupt. Another thing you could do is add some lighting, but who am I to say. It's your art, so you do it how you enjoy it. Other then that I think you're a really great artist and are the perfect fit for fairytail art.
    29 Nov 2012 16:07
  • Nabe: aye, that's actually an interesting suggestion
    29 Nov 2012 15:38
  • yet: please made mavis penetration and mavis feet
    29 Nov 2012 15:32
  • rafath: Very very good.Thanks for pic nabe :)
    29 Nov 2012 15:27
  • ErzaxZoro1991: Excellent, i really have nothing more to say, you got the look down, maybe darken the lines a bit bu that's about it
    29 Nov 2012 15:21