It's A Christmas Miracle!


Posted by Ellery

Tags: Doggy, Christmas, Wendy Marvell, Natsu Dragneel, Deep Penetration, Age-up,

24 December 2012
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  • xaxa: dude i`ve cummed on this so much ooo i like her very much
    3 May 2013 21:32
  • silent guy: Please do more natsu x wendy.
    31 Jan 2013 23:10
  • Wolfik: Please do more Wendy pics ;)
    8 Jan 2013 20:41
  • Nabe: Well, I like telling stories. You know, if I'm not doing this I might be off making Kickstarter indie RPGs or something. Sometimes, though, I just don't have much to say.
    27 Dec 2012 19:03
  • Erza lover: Thanks Nabe for not drawing the child Wendy from Earth land. It seems you dislike children porn just like me. I really appreciate on it. Thanks man! And by the way, please don't stop with the description you write beside every pic you publish on this site. It's really funny and interesting to read it and I think many likes it. Some other guys, I won't sat who, have written description beside their pics and after a while have they stopped doing that. It's really sad because I think it's reall...
    y interesting and funny for many of the fans on these sites.
    27 Dec 2012 06:43
  • Erza lover: Nice one, Nabe!!! Thanks! Finally a pic if adult Wendy. She is really a hot bomb although she is a teenager. It seems that Natsu is enjoying the Xmas holiday as well with Wendy by his side. XD Anyway, thanks for a great Xmas gift, bro. You made my day!
    27 Dec 2012 06:35
  • Nabe: Yeah, but a request's a request. I do see where the connection's coming from. Kinda like two lost souls looking for a special kind of... warmth. Specially coz, y'know, winter. :P
    26 Dec 2012 15:58
  • Nabe: I feel you, bro. I really do. But I can't do that stuff in a public site... So sorry. I don't really go loli but Wendy has that effect on dudes. :(
    26 Dec 2012 15:54
  • Boobies: need a x-mas pic with sherry and leon :)
    26 Dec 2012 14:56
  • Leoxsama: For some reason i cant.. you know... get off from this. Wendy Marvell is one of my favorite characters in fairy tail (Im a sucker for lolis)but like, this picture isnt her loli state. Its a good drawing, but it doesn't get me aroused. I think I like it better when Wendy has her flat chest I guess.
    26 Dec 2012 11:53
  • Sakuya: Kyaaaa I love Natsu's face in this pic, he looks so sexy and cute at the same time *blushes* only though wished you didnt include the cat in the pic, it takes the focus of the scene
    26 Dec 2012 00:08
  • Pixxxlover: That's a pairing that I haven't seen, and I must say its pretty awesome! Hats off to you Nabe! Also Is it possible to have a NatsuxErza pic? Well anywho, Merry Christmas Nabe, I hope your holidays this year are a thermonuclear blast! XD
    25 Dec 2012 13:46
  • Bobiqlap: Amazing pic! Keep up the great work! Finally! Wendy!! ^.^
    25 Dec 2012 07:39
  • neko.chan: Thank you very much. I love it. Merry christmas fairytailpixxx :D
    25 Dec 2012 05:26
  • Nabe: don't say it where she can hear you, she'll think you're being mean :) also, I like little Wendy too, it's just that I'd rather not draw her
    25 Dec 2012 03:29
  • Leader: Thank you very much. I love it. Merry christmas dude :)
    24 Dec 2012 20:43
  • boobgodslayer: Nice pic. Little glad it's not little Wendy lol. She looks better with boobs.
    24 Dec 2012 20:22
  • Kubo: Awesome pic..Merry Christmas Nabe..
    24 Dec 2012 20:09
  • Sagari12: Well better than nothing. Now time for Mavis and I'm good :D
    24 Dec 2012 19:45

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