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Tags: Lisanna Strauss, Natsu Dragneel, Double Penetration, Natsu Dragion,

15 June 2014
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  • lalalalalala: not that much of fan of your drawing, think it needs improvements. however i do like this one for some reason. whatever it is, do more of this and less of everything before.
    16 Jun 2014 20:46
  • Unohana_Lover: Wow lucky guy, he got 2 consecutive request lol...
    16 Jun 2014 15:37
  • Natsu Strauss: You're welcome ! ^^
    15 Jun 2014 12:22
  • Ferds: thanks. :) glad ya liked it
    15 Jun 2014 12:05
  • Natsu Strauss: All right, then that goes ^^ Whether it is my commands or it others, it is always a pleasure to see your images, Ferds, them are always very well made ^-^ (Personal Opinion)
    15 Jun 2014 11:46
  • Ferds: its ok man, its in my lineup of submissions on pinups. Other requests are coming in
    15 Jun 2014 11:34
  • Natsu Strauss: Really saddened for the caused embarrassment, Ferds, I saw that certain Members did not like seeing that my commands arrive so fast and so moved closer some of the others :( I am really anxious to apologize to the other Members for the disturbance which I caused them.... ^^""" In any case, thank you very much Ferds ! ^w^ Of the excellent work as usual ^_^ Very very nice picture ! :D ♥
    15 Jun 2014 11:30
  • Ferds: yeah, well they are the ones (this one i've been working on for awhile now, and i just finished, kinda hard for a pose :( ) im working on alot of requests at the moment. They are lined up by date, its my mistake on this one (who, should've been submitted wayy long ago)
    15 Jun 2014 09:26
  • Nick: WTF! Two request from this guy? Be serious Ferds
    15 Jun 2014 09:09
  • SAO: Good Picture. But Fers because you are only taking requests Natsu Strauss, as this is already his fourth request this month.
    15 Jun 2014 08:50