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How It Should Be

Tags: Erza Scarlet, Lesbian, Tease, Pussy Juice, Kyouka, Clothed,

22 June 2015
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  • shinigami: I agree with some of the other reviewers. The censorship in the anime ruins believability, and calls into question the reactions of those characters, and the reactions of the other characters. But this site is not the place to air such grievances. That said, I think that this image would have been better had it been based around the manga instead of the anime.
    1 Jul 2015 18:39
  • ps3superxsayian360: toned down is an understatement.
    25 Jun 2015 04:18
  • flg: what is the point of the anime anymore. if they're gonna heavily censor or alter stuff from the manga then what's the point in watching? this is nicely drawn but i prefer the nude version from the manga.
    23 Jun 2015 22:44
  • ps3superxsayian360: fucking censorship. no point in even watching the anime even more. strictly focused on manga.
    23 Jun 2015 18:41
  • Ferds: :O !!!!!!!!!!
    23 Jun 2015 17:37
  • Scarlet Twins: Ophiuchus (eclipse) please...denasu
    23 Jun 2015 12:07
  • Ferds: well, 'censorship'
    23 Jun 2015 08:31
  • phantom: Could you draw Jackal next :3
    23 Jun 2015 08:24
  • Don: was more disapointed from the fact that they just skipped the scene in the hot springs -_-
    23 Jun 2015 07:36
  • Jacketguy: Wait, did they show this in the anime already (I haven't watched anime in like 8 months)? If so then I expect a few more things to be toned down, sadly :(
    23 Jun 2015 05:10
  • Celto: I'm starting to warm to your art more and more. To further improve though, the glow/glossiness on the breasts needs to be toned down to a minimum. They also need to blend well shading wise with the flat colors. This really will make your images look better.
    23 Jun 2015 01:05
  • GoP: Wow, this is damn hot! I was so angry when she was fully clothed... I mean, I understand that it's not an adult show, but still.-.-' gj nonetheless! you brought justice=)
    22 Jun 2015 22:01