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Halloween Sorcerer Cover Story pt.1

Tags: Jenny Realight, Halloween, See-through Panties,

20 October 2013
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  • Ferds: there might be a problem on your end. I double checked all my works, thru browser here, and there's no noise or anything in its full resolution.
    21 Oct 2013 06:58
  • Problem: Ferds, love the style for Jenny, but can you please fix the noise on the full resolution? Most pictures should be in high quality, no with noise
    21 Oct 2013 04:27
  • G27: Mmmm Jenny....very hot good job, it's perfect. Please, don't forget my request: Natsu, Lucy and Flare. Onegai!
    20 Oct 2013 23:54
  • Xeos: Not bad! You're getting steadily better ferds. As for some improvements for future images, I think you need to work on the heads and eyes the most, they seem lifeless and could be portrayed better. So far proportion sizes on the breast are pretty much decent, keep it up. The nipples could be drawn better though. As for the pussy, that needs some major work. I'm not trying to bash you or anything, because this piece is perhaps one of the best works on this Pixxx site, continue to devel...
    op on your style and I look forward to what's next.
    20 Oct 2013 21:58