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  • naughtyadmins: I think he means that its "sad and pathetic" because another dude does most of the work while you are the one getting payed for a crappy edit :)
    17 Dec 2014 10:12
  • keymaster: Ferds that picture looks identical to another hentaikey picture..!
    17 Dec 2014 09:53
  • ya-san: hahaha thats really funny seeing after this rip off picture
    17 Dec 2014 09:30
  • mageta: Do you understand what the site advertising "original art" means? There is dozen of people on various imageboards that can modify and edits pics even better than this dude, and they doesnt get jack shit for it. All im saying is that he doesnt deserve payment for these type of edits of older pixxx pics. But I guess you are like most FT fans, 15 and completely blind to everything around them...
    17 Dec 2014 09:22
  • Drongerfoot: Read again and you will understand the sad and pathetic part. You should atleast possess that level of IQ, but then again doing such obvious ripoffs in the direct opposite of the sites advertising ("original art") is beyond stupid so who knows where your intellect levels might be...
    17 Dec 2014 09:19
  • Ferds: it just hits me because kids like these who thinks they know everything -_- sigh~ i dont mind the accusing me of plagiarizing, everyone does that.. the 'sad and pathetic' caught me, sorry
    17 Dec 2014 02:29
  • Ferds: how is that sad and pathetic? please elaborate. you know, when you have a job.. the client wants something, and because they want it that way, who are we to say no otherwise? they're the ones paying for the service. Im guessing you never worked before, thus all your art-raging gone a bit awry. if we didnt follow the exaaact instructions from the client, then they wont pay us. where's the justice in that? please think before you type, before you spout nonsense
    17 Dec 2014 02:22
  • Ferds: i don't know man, check it well, the lines? again, check it reaaally well :) your god rex may have done it, so i guess it's not a bad thing.
    17 Dec 2014 02:21
  • Drongerfoot: This isnt the first nor the last time. And that goes across all the Pixxx sites, Hell even Lexus got caught out using a near exact copy of a Whentai artist. Its rly just sad and pathetic thats all there is to it
    17 Dec 2014 01:28
  • George: Wow u sure are good at coping the pose then cuz almost every line IS THE SAME You are making a fool out of yourself trying to tell us otherwise, and no Rex aint my god or anything he also does stuff like this at times for example.
    17 Dec 2014 00:11
  • kagura lover: Ferds please don't acknowledge these guys they can not comprehend the meaning of a request that someone paid for to make to pose similar it just can't be helped and it's not their fault that they have nothing better to do than complain about some hentai pictures just let it be and continue to do the work you have done.
    16 Dec 2014 23:49
  • Jacketguy: I don't know, maybe you're too ignorant to realize this is a REQUEST. You think this is the first time ANY of the artists drew requests based on other pics? And even if you did want to call it a copypasta, this goes beyond simple editing. This is a complete redrawing with the pose as a reference (btw, I'm not sure if you know math or not but a pose, which would equal a simple outline, is not 80%).
    16 Dec 2014 22:36
  • Ferds: you seem to fail to understand the meaning of 'requests' dont you? we need to follow the exact pose. i never copy someone's work, have you seen them together? Do they look exaaactly the same? Just because your god rex made it doesnt mean we can't touch it. An actual member wanted it, you know.. the guys who pay the site so it'd stay alive? Them guys The pose was copied, sure.. BECAUSE IT WAS A REQUEST. Be a member and you'd get what i mean :)
    16 Dec 2014 18:46
  • Meister: I like how the banner of this site says "original art" hahaha the irony
    16 Dec 2014 14:00
  • pixx: How come this pix is the same as a pic from the naruto site?
    16 Dec 2014 13:59
  • natsu: I recognize this picture from narutopix...?
    16 Dec 2014 12:43
  • Barack: LOL seriously? wow that was quite low "artist" dude
    16 Dec 2014 12:13
  • 16arir: Request sting with michelle lobster, blonde passion the man licking her pussy and the girl licking his penis, thanks
    16 Dec 2014 11:34
  • natsufilia: Please, request sting x michelle lobster (blonde passion)
    16 Dec 2014 11:20
  • George: Or the fact that he edited and didnt draw the pose, he literally just changed the characters while rex did 80% of the work in that pic. But I dunno, maybe you or the artist is simply too stupid to see the problem...
    16 Dec 2014 10:06
  • Ferds: yea he kinda copyrighted that post and no one's allowed to use it. ever ever
    16 Dec 2014 04:44
  • Jacketguy: Yup, because rex owns that pose and can sue if anyone else uses it...
    16 Dec 2014 03:32
  • George: nice copy pasta dude
    16 Dec 2014 01:03
  • rtz: atleast you are honest about it :)
    15 Dec 2014 21:32
  • Umar Al-Sayf: Oh Bisca, you're such a firlthy, naughty, sexy milf. Cheating on your husband with an older man with anal as you get those milky tits squeezed. ;)
    15 Dec 2014 20:22
  • Ferds: yep. that's what i do. ALL. THE. TIME.
    15 Dec 2014 18:34
  • rtz: You are really good at plagiarizing and editing someone else's work dude thumbs up...!
    15 Dec 2014 12:11
  • Xeos: Please spend more time drawing the faces of the girls. They don't look as good as they can be. You've drawn them much better before.
    15 Dec 2014 06:54

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