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Tags: Bisca Connell, Karen Lilica, Torn Clothes, Spread Butt, Cum On Pussy, Multiple Girls, Foursome, Riding, Alternate World,

26 October 2014
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  • Lexus1Fan: Lol do you still believe on it? They did some kind of poll on bleach to bring Ellery back, even after results so far nothing has done. Also to move/replace artists and nothing has done too, they not even gave us a sign of what is going on or what will be done. I contacted The Ronwan web adm from narutopixxx and he said, the pixxxsites actually are a bonus from HentaiKey where the members can send their suggestions to the artists, but the artists ARE NOT obligated to take em. I agree wit...
    h you that there are a couple artists they need to be replaced, but unfortunally they will not do that, UNLESS, the artist has health or any other kind of problem. So they will be replaced, otherwise we can complain, dont pay our signature or whatever we want the artist remain no matter what we do. Unfortunally that is the truth, in the end is up to artist, they are free to take or not a request and also free to ignore the member if he wish.
    28 Oct 2014 17:04
  • Ferds: :O !! nice suggestion
    28 Oct 2014 06:55
  • Ferds: i think that's a good idea, ill try to sneak that one in
    28 Oct 2014 06:54
  • Pain-Sama: Oh, I forgot to say that Milliana totally fits to Blair (Soul Eater), both are busty, dirty cats. So this would be another good idea for a hot cosplay maybe.
    28 Oct 2014 03:35
  • Pain-Sama: I guess a pic with Mirajane in Satan Soul would be a great thing now. I mean she´s a demon, what than our beauty Mira-Demon fits better to Halloween? What do you think?
    28 Oct 2014 03:24
  • Jacketguy: I detect trace amounts of 'the salt' emanating from this one...
    27 Oct 2014 21:39
  • Xeos: Not really. Rex has already been warned twice now that if he doesn't meet the standards he will be replaced. That goes for any artists on these sites. Ferds art doesn't meet the standards that all the other artists produce. It's both a letdown and a disgrace to the Fairy Tail series that has a lot of potential, yet the artists doesn't deliver. At least hire a second artists for this site otherwise it'll remain permanently doomed.
    27 Oct 2014 18:07
  • Ferds: oh okay, will do :)
    27 Oct 2014 16:29
  • Lexus1Fan: Sorry to disappoint you but then you gonna wait looong time. Noone is being replaced by now...
    27 Oct 2014 16:25
  • Dangelu-s7: Ferds no clothes please my friend. Just stockings will do.
    27 Oct 2014 16:23
  • Xeos: Still waiting for you to be replaced, your art just doesn't cut it.
    27 Oct 2014 14:38