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"Gray-sama, Please Save Me!"

Tags: Juvia Lockser, Dog-style, Penetration, Bondage,

1 May 2013
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  • Nabe: perspective's done me in here, and I regret making her keep the hat on too... boy do I have a lotta learn TT__TT
    2 May 2013 20:11
  • Killa karisma: Nice picture. I love juvia and your art. Keep up with the good work man you are good
    2 May 2013 17:38
  • Sterling: While this picture is hot as all hell, it looks proportionally wrong to me -- Juvia's body is the size of a young child, but she's got a huge head. At any rate, keep it up, Nabe!
    1 May 2013 23:32
  • yuki: pics cobra xxx √°ngel pleaseeeeddd
    1 May 2013 19:16