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For One Night Only

Tags: Erza Scarlet, Creampie, Bukakke, New Year, Holiday,

4 January 2013
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  • 飞扬的汉子: 大家好啊!
    18 Jan 2013 13:50
  • Nabe: I think the reason everybody loves Erza is <em>because</em> she's (sometimes) scary like you feel there's a certain achievement to be had in there, sometimes I use the term "Motoko Kusanagi Effect"
    16 Jan 2013 04:47
  • Nabe: we all love the Er-chan but don't do that, bro you gotta... give yourself some breathing space :P
    16 Jan 2013 04:45
  • ultimos: Same here i want to see that too my friends
    15 Jan 2013 23:22
  • ultimos: I love erza i want to fuck her until i cannot cum anymore so i am going there.
    15 Jan 2013 23:19
  • ultimos: Same here i love erza even if she is scary.
    15 Jan 2013 23:16
  • Erza lover: Finally a hooot pic of my favorite character. I am joining the party too, Nabe. XD Btw, thanks for a masterpiece and I agree with you that we need lot more Erza on this site! That's my great wish.
    5 Jan 2013 07:43
  • ErzaxZoro1991: Agreed, seeing Erza DP'ed while holding a dick in each hand and having her boobs fucked and taking two cocks in her mouth who be so fucking hot.
    5 Jan 2013 02:38
  • GodOfPeace: Erza isn't just a "hottie".:P She's the hottest of all! I would like to see the history of this pic.xD After all you haven't made a DP or neither an anal pic just far.:) Cannot wait to see one of 'em!
    4 Jan 2013 11:14
  • Red Forever: The world needs more Erza.Natsu-ef that!We all need more Erza.Especially in those awesome outfits she was to embarassed to wear.*Hint : the Seduction Armour* ;)
    4 Jan 2013 10:51
  • Nabe: ai-sah! :)
    4 Jan 2013 08:20
  • ErzaxZoro1991: So i'm guessing this is one of those massive Bukkake gangbangs with DP's and alot of dogging Erza is doing ? Sgin me up, i bet you alot of fans would love this. It'll be nice if Lucy also joins in to help erza clean up Also we need more Erza on this site, there's not enough of her on this site which i find highly disappointing
    4 Jan 2013 08:10
  • ace: fuck yes erza is an a1 hottie of hotties nabe happy new year to you bro (^_^)
    4 Jan 2013 08:08