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6 July 2015
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  • HKmember24: Sure Edward, get a real life!
    15 Jul 2015 05:13
  • Unknowman: @HKmember24 aka Hidan user name thief: First off troll this 'dude' is a paid member (unlike you) and this is his first request made on all sites why wouldn't Ferds accept his request for modification or edit? and most important why won't you guys get a life instead spend 24/7 sitting your asses on the computer checking on all sites looking on random pictures to troll huh?
    15 Jul 2015 02:57
  • LetsHaveSomeFun: Alright i re-submited again have you received them?
    15 Jul 2015 00:03
  • HKmember24: you tell me who is next The-Joker
    14 Jul 2015 23:03
  • Soki: And you must not steal other members name to tarnish and to troll around all pixxxsites Hidan! Just like you did on EVA#'s name now stealing from another one let's see who is the next
    14 Jul 2015 21:55
  • Ferds: maybe repost it on the suggestion. Sorry all the comments on the old suggestion was to be ignored due to the new system
    14 Jul 2015 21:03
  • HKmember24: Yes, you must make other members requests instead making changes to this dude!
    14 Jul 2015 20:56
  • LetsHaveSomeFun: Her lips are simply divine great work Ferds. This one reminds me my request plus i noted the new submit form and requests are all gone. Do you still have my request or shall i repost again Ferds?
    14 Jul 2015 18:46
  • Ferds: oh, ill try to revise em. Though it'd take longer because i got alot on queue with the other requests
    14 Jul 2015 04:53
  • Brad Bish: I'm not a big fan of BJ but those last Evergreen images are very very VERY impressive. It's one better than the other lol...
    14 Jul 2015 01:07
  • Master.G: Thanks man she's so lovely, pretty and sexy but she suppose to be licking the cock like that http://stat.porntubemovs.net/storage/thumbs102/2872/213.jpeg can you edit it and make she not 'bitting' but licking please? guy's cock as well make it straight You can add the tongue piercing as well and paint her nails white color type french. Just don't mess with her face and lipstick them are perfect
    13 Jul 2015 23:43
  • Don: very nice ^^
    13 Jul 2015 23:02