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Erza's Favorite Battle

Tags: Deep Penetration, Erza Scarlet, Blowjob, Boobjob, Anal, Nude, Tease, Multiple Girls,

19 January 2015
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  • @m@z0: Are you that dim? Of course people know he's only fulfilling a request, doesnt make it justified to copy the work off another artist when your website says 'original' artwork and that there is very little difference from the original. Honestly, ferds did a great improvement of an original work and from what the guy said if whentai only asks for original props of its artists . All parties are happy? They're very reasonable from that stand point. Keep up the work ferds.
    24 Jan 2015 21:46
  • Blaise: Ferds, you really don't need to credit your reference pictures. People are here to whine for whatever reason, yet don't understand that it's the requester who asked for this specific reference.
    23 Jan 2015 22:24
  • Justice: Atleast if you are trracing another one works, credits should be done. Even if it's request, you should precise original idea .. http://whentai.com/view/5542/Erza_JH
    22 Jan 2015 23:45
  • Jake: Then just write original concept from Whentai.com? They've actually said they dont mind the trace, it happens, providing you acknowledge them. Which is rather reasonable considering. Just in case... http://whentai.com/view/5542/Erza_JH Artist was JH.
    22 Jan 2015 20:56
  • Ferds: tried, nope. Not really, posting links on some of the pixxxs fucks up the entire post. i deleted / reposted it and it messes up the text alignment. Since they're all gonna whine and hate it on how much of a 'tracer' i am anyway.. let 'em find it :), it's a request anyway from a member as for the missing images, its WIP, so yeah. working on them at the moment
    22 Jan 2015 20:13
  • Lexus1Fan: Lol so now you gonna put the reference of ALL the requests you take? Then you will be the only one pixxxartist doing this. If is to be like that then i suggest you put it on the other missing images too...xD
    22 Jan 2015 20:09