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Erza vs. Erza

Tags: Erza Scarlet, Lesbian, Doggy, Lesdom,

16 May 2013
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  • Nabe: nah, not really... more of just taunting Knightwalker about the promise of grim deeds to come come to think of it, I probably should've made her wear a harness or something
    20 May 2013 18:58
  • Nabe: can't wait for the anime to cover that... maybe they'll invent a new "Ah~!" sound effect just for that particular scene :)
    20 May 2013 18:56
  • someone: try drawing more flare!
    20 May 2013 11:52
  • kikoulol: je me sui branlé sur cette foto é ct génile et il n i a qe des perverts surr cee site
    19 May 2013 05:36
  • paz: Love it. Pretty hawt
    18 May 2013 11:47
  • lolol: Oh yeahhhhh
    18 May 2013 04:57
  • koy: wups, i said rob... sry bout that nabe*
    17 May 2013 16:38
  • mysterious: fairy tail 321 is up and is the best lucy fan service chapter i ever saw!
    17 May 2013 15:13
  • AkuraRyusei: Is Erza Scarlet the futa?
    17 May 2013 11:20
  • koy: nice one rob, they both came out rather nicely, love erza and the way how she tends to dominate others, knowingly or not, anyways, nice pic just one thing i wanted to mention, but thats how i see it personally, so no offense, is that when i look at this pic, i'm wondering what erza is fucking erza with. obviously it is a strap-on, but what i'm missing here is some visual proof, for example, the strap itself going to the back from the side would be enough. in this case the hand could be cov...
    ering it. ahwell, its just me, but sometimes it is in the details :p , not that i want to complain or anything, just a lil' feedback. still a nice pic. keep up the good work :)
    17 May 2013 06:33
  • WakeUpKiva: Lucy vs Lucy would be nice!
    16 May 2013 20:48
  • yuki: pleaseeeeeddddddd, angel xxx cobra pic
    16 May 2013 18:24
  • yuki: angel xxx cobra
    16 May 2013 18:20