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Erza Ridin'

Tags: Woman On Top, Erza Scarlet, Creampie, Outdoor,

8 April 2013
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  • Nabe: should be her queue to bring out her true power... also, that's an interesting combination
    15 Apr 2013 13:59
  • yukiangel: yukino x rogue
    14 Apr 2013 13:26
  • Erza lover: perfect artwork. thanks man!
    10 Apr 2013 05:42
  • wesker1984: Now the tis are correct or acceptable! Keep them that way!
    10 Apr 2013 04:08
  • Xeos: KaguraxErza Lesbian Strapon pic? Titled: Payment for saving me. Come on Nabe, sounds good right?
    10 Apr 2013 01:31
  • SooGoood: fapfapfapfap.. .. Also Nabe, are you M/F?
    9 Apr 2013 20:52
  • ridin': coooool~
    9 Apr 2013 17:54
  • Mirrorboy: It's always good to have more Erza... Regarding the pairing I would rather have her with Natsu than with Gray, but well, it's personal taste. X)
    9 Apr 2013 17:12
  • ErzaxZoro1991: I wonder who's the lucky bastard who is with Erza. Great job again Nabe, i'm curious to see Erza shower with Natsu and Gray like the good ol days( some good ol fashion DP action )
    9 Apr 2013 00:19
  • WhatzUpPPL: wow! :O I got a boner again... >_> hehe... - Awesome Pic Nabe :D As Always :P - Can't wait for the next pic >:)
    8 Apr 2013 18:54
  • Forever Red: This...is surprisingly cute and erotic...I fiured Erza outside of Gerard wouldn't make such a cute face,shows what I know.Great one. :) :D Erza X Gray...uh-oh...Juvia about to get psycho if she learns about it. XD Then again it wouldn't be the first time either she got "cheated" here and used another...QUICK JUVIA,GO GET NATSU!!! XD ;)
    8 Apr 2013 18:25
  • CoinDrop: Dang! I am so impressed by this one, Nabe! You definitely hit a grand slam with how you drew Erza's body. Those juicy perfect tits look amazing. Not a fan of the blue tint thing, but overall this is still an outstanding picture! Definitely my favorite Erza drawing you've made so far. Keep up the good work, bro.
    8 Apr 2013 15:13