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Tags: 69, Yukino Aguria, Sting,

17 November 2013
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  • Erza lover: It isn't that bad either. Just look at the first pics Nabe drew. It was at least not better than this. Ferds need time you know. ^^ As they say practice make master. Yeah, I know I have no right to defend the artist since I am not supporting myself, but I had to get it out you know. :)
    28 Nov 2013 18:52
  • Fabz: Good. Then you can make your own website and let people pay for your "shitty" art.
    19 Nov 2013 17:54
  • Masterx: It was sarcasm. But that's really great. Dumb people really pay for this shitty art.
    18 Nov 2013 20:13
  • Ferds: actually i am getting paid for that shit you're talking about :) so yes. really
    18 Nov 2013 15:41
  • Masterx: Really? You really want to get paid for that shit? Look at that,OMG.
    18 Nov 2013 10:44
  • LevyLover: Don't worry, the main thing is that you're back with a good picture :) Etto... My petition, can you do Levy and Lucy,please?
    17 Nov 2013 21:13