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Dont Be Jealous, Elfman

Tags: Fried Justine, Evergreen, From Behind,

2 July 2014
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  • Capu: i guess this is the same thing of the picture of bisca and alzack... the only thing of change is the characters..
    11 Aug 2014 02:09
  • overDCarea: Круто, что тут еще можно сказать.
    22 Jul 2014 12:59
  • Me: You made a comment on THIS PAGE wanting Ferds to go to narutopixxx. LOL what a fucking idiot. Make up some better bullshit next time, kid. You're even using two names to respond to me! HAHA what a faggot.
    5 Jul 2014 20:25
  • Me: I dont know who the fuck youre talking about, loser. I've rarely if ever even commented on narutopixxx. There's more than one person that thinks youre a bullshitting idiot. This is the only name I've used in years, don't accuse people of what you're doing.
    5 Jul 2014 20:22
  • Unohana_Lover: @me: Lol are you sure you talking to the right guy bro? i don't ever remember to be joinning in any disccussion about Ferds and Lexus to go to naruto or any other website. All you got to acuse someone is the ''heels'' and OMG OMG!!! this one if fucking funny...""SMILEY FACE""???Give me a break, i don't even know why im still loosing my time replying this for a non-member. Bye bye, go to find another site to compare ""smiley face"" LOOOOL sorry i can't stop laughin xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD...
    DDDd. -------------------------------------------- @Thomas: I don't care what you think, in fact i didn't ask your opinion, are you the one who's taking my requests? NO. Did you pay my membership? NO. Do you pay my salary? NO. Cya then :)
    5 Jul 2014 16:45
  • Lexus1Fan: Wow really? now even smile count? seriously, you guys really need to find something else to do than comparing 'smile faces' and 'heels' on hentaikey website. Like rex said, you are so coward, but so coward, that cant even use your REAL username to accuse other users here. You need a fake name one to troll. Like rex also said man up mate. And yes the admns sure KNOWS who's using multiple niks for spam requests. Dont you worry about that and if you want to debate about me and others users be...
    4 Jul 2014 22:19
  • Me: I'm actually starting to think that you are also HentaiFan and his numerous other names. If so, I must say that you are the most successful person to ever cheat the system on the pixxx sites, because you must get dozens of requests done a month. I don't exactly expect you to admit it, but please don't respond with some rambling nonsense.
    4 Jul 2014 07:25
  • Me: Unohana_Lover, you are indeed the same person as edwardnewgate, and perhaps many others, its obvious. Aside from all the "heels" requests, you also share the same opinion that Ferds and Lexus should go to Narutopixxx and that Rex should be fired (few, if any, have that same opinion). You also use that same smiley face in most of your comments. I'm not a member so I don't really give a shit, but you won't stop lying and making an ass of yourself, so i feel obliged to respond. I hope you realize...
    that the artists and admins can see your IP, so unless you're regularly resetting it, they know what you're doing.
    4 Jul 2014 07:18
  • Unohana_Lover: Oh it was you, i reply on my post check it =).
    3 Jul 2014 16:56
  • Ferds: there are some parts in that illustration that were wrong (i.e. twisted parts,etc) that i found out later.
    3 Jul 2014 04:11
  • Ferds: glad ya liked it plus, ever looks hot with heels <3
    3 Jul 2014 04:09
  • Unohana_Lover: WOW FAR BETTER than the last one dude, im impressed O.O you drawn Ever fucking sexy. Congratulations!, oh btw i hope to see you on narutopixx i enjoyed your art there =). PS:And about the other guy comment, about me and a few other guys (can't remind the names) request the same girl 'Ever' and heels, well i guess it was just coincidence, besides she suppose to be wearing em, the refference picture i gave shes wearing. I dont go check around the suggestion box about others people requests, i j...
    ust care about mine and besides which man doesn't to see anime chicks on heels and a sexy tanline? i guess most like 90% like.
    3 Jul 2014 03:03
  • ScreenName: Hmm.. I wonder what was the different between this one and the first one. Oh well, still nice art Ferds *__*
    2 Jul 2014 21:37
  • Thomas: So now you remade pics? Unohana_Lover, Purihito-Master, Edwardnewgate? What a coincidence!
    2 Jul 2014 20:24