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"Can't Wait Any Longer, Huh!"

Tags: Woman On Top, Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, Creampie, Penetration, Cowgirl,

25 June 2013
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  • grrghrhdxh: I like gray fullbuster because is so big dick........ ahh ahhhhh fucking good ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhh cumming cumming.... cu..........mmiiiiii.......ng ahhhhhhhhhh I like fullbuster I love
    30 Aug 2013 19:46
  • Nabe: Nah, I don't think he meant it like that.
    28 Jun 2013 23:27
  • Sasuke -fms-: Yea I know, I even quote that in the end of my post (and I don`t like this shipping war thing, and it wasn`t my intention to cause one, for real lol)
    28 Jun 2013 18:54
  • InsertGayNameHere: Come on dude, this is hentai, no need to get into a shipping war with it.
    28 Jun 2013 05:01
  • Markus: flawless art. Gotta admire this pairing.
    28 Jun 2013 02:34
  • Nabe: it's just that in those particular scenes where Erza (it's always Erza) interacts with Gray, and some folks take it waaayyy out of context, kinda like with real life people if you think about it but then again, Erza does have a "childhood friend" thing going on with both him <em>and</em> Natsu, and you know how Japan's got a definite thing for childhood friends...
    28 Jun 2013 00:36
  • Signero: I love your coloring and concept of this pairing is still awesome.
    27 Jun 2013 00:22
  • Sasuke -fms-: Never liked or saw any reason for people shipping this pairing, Erza is more like a Gruvia shipper. Taking in consideration all the screen time and development of characters, I guess if it wasn't Jellal it would be Natsu. Can't think of any other, but I know...it's just hentai and all
    26 Jun 2013 21:21
  • Nabe: perspectives, my constant nemesis, and sleepiness and it's always too late when I realize
    26 Jun 2013 20:29
  • Nabe: never noticed it before but while reviewing the old EPs there's always these times in the anime when the writers kept baiting you to root for them somehow, often quite subtly
    26 Jun 2013 20:27
  • WakeUpKiva: Nabe, I just realized something. You haven't draw Flare in a LONG TIME!! Lol
    26 Jun 2013 15:07
  • DFT125: pls make creampie, erza scarlet, wendy marvell,natsu dragneel, reverse cowgirl, threesome, woman on top
    26 Jun 2013 13:00
  • Nalu54: This Pic is awesome, as always. But Gray's face scare's me ^^' And please, more Natsu x Lucy ( or x Erza or threesome ) please :/ You're the best designer ever !
    26 Jun 2013 12:41
  • InsertGayNameHere: Woo Grayza! Awesome. But one thing, I think Gray's head looks a little...small? Or it could be the perspective of the pic, not sure.
    26 Jun 2013 08:02
  • mest: Nice i still love this pairing. looks like erza has been striving for gray's D all this time good work once again nabe and yes, minerva has been out since her defeat :)
    26 Jun 2013 07:40