Blame It On The Alcohol


Posted by Ellery

Tags: Doggy, Cana Alberona, Macao Conbolt, Dog-style,

22 February 2013
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  • Nabe: why, I'm pretty glad you love it, bro
    25 Feb 2013 17:31
  • SJ7: FTW So much Cana this is awesome, you rock man.
    25 Feb 2013 00:25
  • coolguy: Hoter than sun
    23 Feb 2013 22:16
  • Nabe: it's alright, friend, don't worry about it I just thought it'd be a little nice since these two, along with Wakaba, are in the same "team". You don't really see her have tag along with other people in missions but she's almost always at the same table as the two seniors. ah well, maybe I could do another canaxlaxus some other time, or maybe another guy, let's just see... :)
    23 Feb 2013 19:41
  • Nabe: much agreed
    23 Feb 2013 19:39
  • Nabe: it's supposed to be Macao's, but I somehow slipped and rendered it off-model at some point near the end... but that can be easily fixed
    23 Feb 2013 19:39
  • Nabe: I thought of that, but I also thought post-tenrou Macao could use a break.
    23 Feb 2013 19:37
  • coco: Gr8 picture, nicely done
    22 Feb 2013 22:42
  • Saya: You drew Cana so freaking amazing but the pairing is just GAWD awful. Macao is ugly as hell and has no place anywhere near such a beautiful girl. In my opinion you really should of just kept Laxus. Yeah yeah it's not good to rant especially when you put so much work in all these drawings but I've got to at least defend my favorite character! It's a longshot but I'll pray for an edited version with Laxus instead and have this version erased for good. (As you can tell I hate Macao as a character w...
    ith a passion. I think there's a reason his wife left him in the first place. He's trash.) Great work on Cana though. Hope I didn't sound too crazy lolol.
    22 Feb 2013 22:12
  • jmarv: Hey can you do a lucy x cana and call it "I will be your partner
    22 Feb 2013 21:40
  • Me: Umm, does she have three legs? There is something really wrong with this picture.
    22 Feb 2013 19:53
  • InsertGayNameHere: nicely done, but it would've been better if you used the pre time skip Macao, since he's probably the same age as Gildarts
    22 Feb 2013 19:39
  • Ddd: Nothing wrong with a lot of Cana, she is super hot^^
    22 Feb 2013 19:17

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