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Best. Infomercial. Ever.

Tags: Deep Penetration, Woman On Top, Creampie, Glasses, Meganekko, Daphne,

29 January 2013
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  • randomgenericname: Dude Im gonna call that bussines what's the number
    8 Feb 2013 07:04
  • Nabe: ack! that's the blush mark layer, which went off mark and somehow got past inspection... oh and yeah I already told somebody about the disclaimer (I reckon everybody just forgot about it after the whole "template" issue from a couple weeks back)
    30 Jan 2013 17:38
  • SJ7: Ill call right away!
    30 Jan 2013 05:02
  • Mister X: no good !!
    30 Jan 2013 02:09
  • Sterling: Nabe, there's a strange, unshaded line between Daphne's breasts and her collarbone. It kinda looks like her head was transplanted, you know? And on an entirely unrelated note, that disclaimer at the bottom of the page still says Naruto, not Fairy Tail. ;)
    29 Jan 2013 20:12
  • silent guy: Awesome pic Nabe, you should try Katja from the filler arc.
    29 Jan 2013 20:00