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All Revved Up And Ready To Go

Tags: Cana Alberona, Masturbation,

9 June 2013
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  • Nabe: I have to admit, my brain's working on autopilot on the previous piece, so when I got to Cana here you could say I'm in a "cooling off" period. The other artists are actually pushing me towards this, gotta admit... not that I don't like it, I've never done something like this before until recently, so I'm a bit happy about it. But, yeah, perspectives (among a few more things) still shoots me down sometimes.
    11 Jun 2013 01:34
  • Sterling: Hey, Nabe. It's good to see you working on your style with every image. I still can't say I'm a fan of the soft shading and highlighting, but your efforts are really starting to show. And while the perspective is still bizarre in this one, I have to admit I love the way you drew her pussy. Keep it up!
    10 Jun 2013 18:19