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They Really Love Lucy

2 December 2016
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  • Xellen: Honestly, I think it'd be pretty nice if we had more artists working on Fairy Tail Pixxx. We get a few pics here and there and then it get's abandoned for about a month before someone comes back to it. Problem is you have 2-4 artists at a time all cluttered on Fan Pixxx.
    4 Dec 2016 00:57
  • GodOfPeace: Im actually happy that the themed pics are coming to an end. The girls have loads of hot outfits in the manga as well. Ones we yet to see them wearing while getting fucked=)
    2 Dec 2016 08:38
  • Q: You're the man Lexus.
    2 Dec 2016 03:25
  • Westes: Hope it wasn't too painful and that you're feeling much better now :)
    2 Dec 2016 02:37