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LAST of my POSTS :p
Its the start of Halloween posts requested by members! Stay tuned! and let me know what you guys think of their costumes! guess what series if you must!

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  1. gerard says:

    Halloween is over man, draw regular hentai.

  2. kumekazu says:

    I think they are pokemon,Skarmory,Roselia,gardevoir,finneon and the other i don’t know.

  3. spike1941 says:

    You’ve associated a feature or peculiarity of each character with the dress, really a clever idea and obviously a good job

  4. Yuri101 says:

    No way. Keep the sexy costumes comming as long as you can.:)

  5. Don/fish1337 says:

    wonderfull! i hope we can see many many more cosplay pics this year^^

  6. Takeshimaru says:

    Great pic Lexus!!!

    Cosplay by Pokemon

    Arbok . Kinana
    Gardevoir – Hisui
    Lumineon – Juvia
    Roserade – Cosmos
    Skarmory – Erza

  7. dragonshiryu says:

    Nice work by the way Lexus will you be able to fulfill ALL Halloween’s requests? because there are more than 40 requests if i’m not mistake. You sure you will be able to fulfill all still this year? I ain’t complaining but most of your requests take around 3 months to be done.

    Asking people to buy/renew membership to drop request for you is easy but fulfill those requests well that’s another story.

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