New Artists, New Sites, New Rules

Posted on: July 26th, 2016 by Web Admin 1 Comment

We have been working to bring new sites out which will launch soon and it will be something to end the misery of growing members. Among these sites shall carry new contents including games and we're updating 50+ games that were made in the past which were not completely published in HKey sites. New artists will be on board which you'll have to watch out soon. Nez is one of those new batches and there will be a change in the game on how requests will be done as well with members and artists who are actively on the "other" sites (other than hkey sites). Fanpixxx will function as the main pixxx site and all requests from different pixxx sites shall be stored in (1) unified queue list. A public list will be shown for members to see which number they are queued in - this is synched by the new queue system. This will all be automated to take out the doubts from members as well. Once an artist is fully booked, it will be locked until all requests are done and once his/her list is done, it will be unlocked again to accept new lists. Lastly, we thank you for your patience and we'll work hard in bringing a different experience with the Hkey sites. Thank you!

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  1. RikudoSennin says:

    That’s great!! Thanks a lot!

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