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Cream Sociere

Posted on: January 1st, 2016 by Aidan 7 Comments

 I wanna be scheduled in Bleachpixxx next but manager isn't around yet so I might be stuck here for a while

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  1. crispystrip says:

    stay here forever! MOAR ERZA! great work as usual.

  2. anon says:

    You and Lexus are the best artists on Hkey imo. great work

  3. forgotwhatmyusernamewas says:

    please don’t go to bleach pixxx, you’re so good :(

    fairytail girls are so much better. rangiku is not enough to justify turning down fairytail beauties.

  4. Hui says:

    Post this at whentai pls

  5. Hui says:

    Add this to whentai pls

  6. Sasuke -fms- says:

    Bleachpixxx…no expectations there
    Should keep on with fairytail, one piece or fanpixxx, but anyways

  7. Jhon003 says:

    can’t seem to click anything past the first page ):

    nice pic though, keep it up XD (rather new, and wondering how to request)

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