A Mistake

Posted on: September 20th, 2015 by Ferds 22 Comments


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  1. xxxLover says:

    Hot kiss, welcome back Ferds! What happen with my request with Enno and Ren? Plese make it soon, thanks.

  2. WakeUpKiva says:

    This style is perfect! Feels like u have update ur art style!

  3. Celto says:

    Is this really your art?

    The style is far to different compared to yours and this came out of nowhere. Even the art you post on Whentai looks nothing like this.

    • Ferds says:

      of course i stole it. Stop stalking me, man.

      • Celto says:

        Seriously, will you quit being so cynical towards me.

        I’m not having a go at you or anything like that, I’m just surprised by the sudden change in art-style as it really did come out of nowhere.

        My only problem with you ferds is that you don’t post enough on the site. There’s simply no sugarcoating it in that FairyTail Pixxx is dead.

        • Ferds says:

          No. you are dead. And i apologize for changing my art style that you really really hate. There’s nothing i can do about that.

          • Celto says:

            I don’t hate it, will you understand that, please?

            I never hated it in the first place, what I did say is that it doesn’t fit Fairy Tail’s style. That is a completely different thing to what you are accusing me of saying.

            If I hated it that much, then why would I make a request to you? All I’m saying is that you’re inactive here a lot, and Yaichi isn’t around either.

          • Ferds says:

            i dont really know about Yaichii, but im back here now updating the site regularly.

        • McBootyPirate says:

          You know, its ironic that you call Ferds cynical when you’re the whole whose not believing this is his art.

          Ferds wasn’t even being cynical in his reply. He was being sarcastic.

          • Celto says:

            While I did accuse him of this not being his art, you can’t really blame me.

            He’s had the same art-style ever since he started working here. Changing his style without any prior mention or head’s up would make anoyone question if it’s the same artist’s work.

            I didn’t mean for it to come across as negative as it has done, and if anyone is offended then I apologize.

          • Ferds says:

            dont worry, xeos. i will revert back to the old style that you really really love to hate on my work

  4. Don says:

    this looks awesome!

  5. ErzaFan says:

    This is like the best pic you have made! I am in love with your fantastic style. They both look sooooooat hot!!!

  6. LetsHaveSomeFun says:

    This image is a commission made for whentai that shouldn’t even be here, i doubt he’ll update image like this same quality for pixxxes. They do not pay him enough for that.

    And i’m still waiting for the picture you have skipped and ignored from me mister Ferds. I’ll have it made even that i have to bomb the support with emails every single day.

  7. Noice says:

    New style looks good man

  8. st see says:

    really nice pic, b-but ._. it’s been awhile since some pics =P

  9. anon says:

    Ferds, this is the best thing you have ever done. Please please please do more like this. Simply amazing.

  10. farhan5988 says:

    seilah kissing experience is very hot.

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