Her Naughty Expression

Posted on: July 24th, 2015 by Ferds 8 Comments

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  1. legacy says:

    The severe lack of shading makes it look too cartoon looking and doesn’t fit Fairy Tail’s style.

    Also the lack of updates for this month has been absolutely poor. Despite your circumstance, this site needs a dedicated artist that can deliver, and you are not that artists.

    • Ferds says:

      yeah, and poor Yaichii is more considerable? You are all defending his ‘part-time job’ and that he’s got his issues and I dont? I know you hate my work to the core, but at least stop sucking his dick and be totally biased about it.

      i have explained my circumstances to my bosses and honestly i am willing to accept whatever happens. Stop commenting on my other freelance work, Xeos and leave all your hatred to yourself. Its not really at all helping :/

      • legacy says:

        I think you’ve misunderstood a few things, so let me set them straight for you.

        First of, I owe you an apology.

        I don’t hate your art at all and that’s a fact. It may seem like I do and I’m sorry if you see it that way. I’d like to think of it as harsh criticism, and while I do feel like I go over the top with it all the time, I really want you to succeed.

        I was overjoyed when I heard Fairy Tail Pixxx would be a thing, and I instantly bought a premium membership when the site was officially launched. You are the sites second artist, and after Nabe left I hoped that the site would get an artist that can get it right after a while of working here.

        It’s not that I hate you, as a person at all. For some, if not most people who make requests, your art is more than good enough and they’re happy with their request once it’s done.

        For me though, you’ve solidified on an art-style that doesn’t fit with Fairy Tail and while it is extremely vibrant and colorful there’s just some things that look off. For example, the faces sometimes look weird, and the shading looks no different then the flat colors.

        It’s not that I hate your art, I just agree that the style isn’t right.

        Also, in regards to Yaichi, I’m aware that he has a part-time job, but I don’t defend him for having that.

        As with you. I’m aware that you have also been having troubles and I fully acknowledge that that is more important than this site. For all the artists here, I see this as a job on the side for you to make a little money and that’s what it is, right?

        Once again, I apologize, and I hope you’re willing to accept my apology.

        • Ferds says:

          Well, i try to make my art as close as FT as possible — BUT NOT 100%. I can copy the faces, the body proportions BUT I STILL put it in my own art style, unless the bosses themselves want me to trace the anime directly, then sure i will make it look so.

          i know my art is not as godly (nowhere near) as your other pixxxsite artists.. but as long as the bosses are ok with it, the members are satisfied with my work, then pretty much you can’t do anything about it.

          if you want people to trace/duplicate the anime’s looks itself and post them here, then im sorry, im not that guy. And if the members’ are on the same boat as you — then why did i reach almost 300+ pixxxs.

          Do not comment on changing my entire artstyle just because you don’t like it, i am sorry your entire campaign on getting me replaced is not happening for now. If it does, then congratulations

  2. zbober says:

    Wish the Nipples were showing

  3. Don says:

    looks hot, is this a piercing on her tounge?

    btw pls remember my request

  4. Master.G says:

    Thanks for the fix the only issue is that you used the wrong girl Minerva instead Evergreen.

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