Becoming Fairy Queen

Posted on: July 9th, 2015 by Yaichi 12 Comments

Requested by randomrequest.

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  1. komk says:

    hot soo hott

  2. Name says:

    The thing I love about your art work yaichi, is simply the fact that it actually looks a bit like the anime itself unlike ferd’s art style which doesn’t suit an anime like fairy tail at all.

    • Yaichi says:

      I appreciate that you like it, but please don’t talk about the differences about our art again. I don’t want anyone ranting about it.
      It can be a real pain. :/

      • Unknowman says:

        It is inevitable and almost impossible people not to compare artists drawing and art styles on pixxxsites, people will always do just like they do with Darwin and Rex, Lexus and Joe. Nice picture by the way i’m glady to see you are improving…

  3. randomrequest says:

    Very well done Yaichi she’s beautiful thank you very much. But she suppose to be opening her mouth exactly like the girl on the reference picture is and her nails on green color. Would you please fix? If you don’t have the link i can send again…

  4. newuser9965 says:

    Great picture indeed. I’m not fan of POV’s pictures but this one sure is a masterpiece Ever is beautiful nice job Yaichi 10 stars for you… Oh we can only give 5 :(

  5. Kurama Senju says:

    Man she’s EXACTLY like the anime and manga impressive work Yai, the only thing you forgot to add is her lipstick check this image out
    Perhaps if you add will make she look sexier

  6. Celto says:

    Already 10 days into July and this is the first image for the month. Meanwhile, Ferds is still playing catch-up with all the images from June that he put in WIP. Sure you don’t want to contribute more to the site Yaichi?

  7. Milo says:

    Yaichi’s art resembles FT’s art more than the shit Ferds feeds people.

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