Ohai Hestia-Sama!

Posted on: June 18th, 2015 by Ferds 24 Comments

Attached here is my 1st entry (they maade me do eeet) for fanpixxx. Hoping for a way on how to post it there 

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  1. Yaichi says:

    So that was you that uploaded this in the image gallery! :P
    I’m actually looking forward to seeing some your work there! SHE LOOKS REALLY CUTE!

    • Ferds says:

      thanks, well be warned about that guy. If ever he starts softening up to you or something -_-

      also i dont know how to put it in there yet, maybe for my 2nd work there then

      • Celto says:

        So are you two switching Pixxx sites with each other then?

        • Ferds says:

          not really switching, i think (its just me, an assumption) its that all the pixxx artists will be doin’ contributions on fanpixxx.

          idunno, im not sure. They gave me an account there and told me to work for it, that’s it.

  2. Aaron says:

    Who is it, lexus1fan?

    • Ferds says:

      apparently, yes. I feel sorry for him but, this is the only way i can have a way to contact him, he blocked me on Skype

      • Unknowman says:

        If it’s him and you are speaking the truth then you should look for him by email not here in the site. He’s an honest person he done commissions with a few artists here including Claudius and i heard went everything ok you can even talk to Claudius about it. How do i know that? because he was the one who introdulced Claudius to make me commissions.

        • Ferds says:

          well, if he’s honest with him then it’s fine. I dont really care that much, again if you’d read on the other comments, he never replies on emails, and now he blocked me on his Skype. What makes me mad about it is that I trusted him long enough that it took alot of commisions, only to end up getting nothing. And, as far as all the comments here go, I already let it go. If he won’t pay, then so be it. Consider it as a thank you for the other opportunities he gave me.

          He’s a member here so this is how he can somewhat read this.

  3. mystogan says:

    hmm let me guess. mr.edwardnewgate?

    • Ferds says:

      well, after almost 13 commisions from him (i know im an idiot for trusting, and i learned it the hard way), this happened

      • Aaron says:

        Can’t the admins do anything about it? Wouldn’t they have his details from his HK account?

        • Ferds says:

          Nah, dont sweat it. He did that, im not chasing him back for it (if im counting — that’s almost 150USD+/- worth of commisions).

          Plus its a freelance (outside HK) thing, he must have his selfish reasons. This is the only way i can let it out, sorry for ranting

      • Hidan says:

        And how that asshole ask comissions? At least this jerk pays you?

        • Ferds says:

          He never did. Well don’t sweat it, i can earn it back, its just that i trusted him that he will pay, but no.

          dont think too much about it, im just blowing off steam from it awhile ago. -_-

  4. daz says:

    that sucks.
    you can be a great contributor to fanpixxx as well :)

    • Ferds says:

      i already have an artist account for fanpixxx, maybe its a programming thing that i cant post anything yet (this is supposedly an entry for fanpixxx)

  5. Brad Bish says:

    That sux man it happend with me once, but contrary.. i paid 100% for a commission on HentaiFoundry and the artist just gone. After 3 weeks i received my commission by email with apologies requests and he said a storm hit his town and broken the wires, took 3 weeks to get em fixed :) . But well i’m not defending you or him because i don’t know the whole story. That’s what you are saying but what about him? Have you tried to contact him by email or any other way?
    I just think that bringing it to the site and exposing someone like that is not the right thing to do, specially when the business is outside site. Try to contact the guy somehow..
    Perhaps you done something wrong that made he get mad or he’s in trouble who knows… My suggestion is that you try to get in touch with him instead come here exposing the guy like that. Maybe something happend man. How long did it happen? And about my request i see you haven’t fixed it yet.

    • Ferds says:

      its a long story, and im already out of it. I exposed it to the site because he knew our issues on each other and this is the way he can somewhat read it, he never replies on emails (he blocked me ffs, without paying a single cent out of those commisions).

      Anywho, as for your other request.. maybe you can post a new request on the suggestion box now, i think it’s fixed.

  6. ErzaIsHot says:

    Ok I’m confused so the owner is not paying you ferds? Is that what’s happening? I hope you dont leave this site! You are my favorite Pixxx artist!

  7. huk says:

    but who damn is?

  8. ioulio says:

    is barefoot man! not the shitty stockings!

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