After The Fight With Jackal

Posted on: June 14th, 2015 by Yaichi 8 Comments


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  1. Celto says:

    The cross shaped scar on Natu’s torso should be on the opposite side. Apart from that, it’s a good image.

  2. Blue Enigma says:

    This new wave of PiXXX bullshit is crazy. Lol…dude is garbage.

    The whole FanPiXXX concept…it’s like people took all the throwaway artists from the older tests on the sites for replacements/extra artists and threw them into a pit…

    Then you have one of those weak links overstepping his bounds with his chest out trying to cross over. The least you could do is try to make some improvements before you even think of doing so…

    It’s like anything is acceptable around PiXXX now. Who gassed these dudes?…what happened to the standards for good artists?

    If HK is giving out paychecks for bullshit like this you could help some of the worst artists over at Booru type sites make some pocket change. This is ridiculous.

    If this is where shit is going, forget making more PiXXX sites. Completely forget it. The only reason people wanted more in the first place was because they wanted to see QUALITY material of those series.

    I’m speaking as an artist and a fan…set some standards for yourselves…Smh…

    I’m just sayin…

    • Ferds says:

      uh, the thing is — as long as they pay, then why not? Thats what you do when your boss requests you to do stuff. What do we do when they ask us to ‘can you register on fanpixxx?’ — tell them NO?

      If they deem someone’s work as OK to their standards, that’s their call, the artist will be paid — wether members like it or not, as long as the payment is worth it for the artist, then pretty much you can’t do shit about it.

      As for fanpixxx, my personal point for it is, its like a breather for me from all this, fairytail work. Maybe same goes to the other pixxx artists, theyre tired of drawing naruto / the same character over and over and over again.

      Also, there’s an ‘apply as an artist’ option on fanpixxx in case you didnt know, so if someone who’s not an artist on any pixxxsite applies there, has a chance to be an artist there.

    • Yaichi says:

      I know there are some areas I need to improve on. But as long the admins and the people likes the artists’ work and requesting that artist to do it, then should be good enough, right?
      You can apply FanPiXXX since you’re an artist as well. Because the whole concept of FanPiXXX is so artist like myself can improve and join the major sites. The admin is already talking to me about making a new site for me.

    • Blue Enigma says:

      So yall get paid for something like this?

      Then, what if someone who’s better than everyone else applies to FanPiXXX?…What’s that check lookin like? Asking for a friend… Lol.

      • Ferds says:

        So yall get paid for something like this — of course. We dont work for charity (well i kinda stupidly.. nevermind), and of course anyone can apply on that site, i think. And if they pass the criterias, then yeah, go ahead

  3. KANA HENTAI says:

    Thank you very much images of great beauty, such as Lucy ♥♥

  4. NAMI HENTAI says:

    Thank you very much images of great beauty, such as Lucy♥

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