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  We have some sample pinups which we want you guys to rate. Let us know your honest opinion on these samples. These are titled "Please Rate Me ---". Thank you!

31 Responses

  1. GoP says:

    Below average in my opinion

  2. souleaterx says:

    In my honest opinion, I don’t know who this Yaichi guy is but his work is very high quality. I would be very happy if he worked alongside Ferds on FTPixxx. On the other hand, while his work may be very good I have become attached to Ferds’ drawing style and would vote for him over a new guy, even if Hiro Mashima himself started working at HentaiKey.

    • Yaichi says:

      I appreciate that you think my work is good but I’m not going to be upset that you that you prefer Ferbs than me. That’s why they did this. I would rather work alongside him than replace him. I don’t want his supporters to be pissed because they think I’m his replacement.

      • souleaterx says:

        I must say, more than anything else, I really like the way that you draw eyes. when your art style changes (as art styles do) I hope that you continue to draw eyes in hentai as you draw them now.

  3. souleaterx says:

    It seems like my first comment didn’t go through so I’ll restate my point. These pictures by Yaichi are very high quality I wouldn’t mind him working alongside Ferds on FTP but I would prefer Ferds as I’ve grown attached to his art style.

  4. solas says:

    That’s beautiful art, but on my opinion, the way the legs are drawn make her look a bit fat

  5. flame says:

    I like most of these. If I am being honest, I have never liked Ferds’ art style so having Yaichi there would make things better for me

  6. John says:

    Yaichi, your work is amazing! I really hope you work alongside Ferds. :)

  7. Xeliz says:

    Failure most important, which is the drawing of pussy and nipples.

    • Xeos says:

      You do realize that after a whole year, ferds still can’t even draw pussy and nipples correctly, let alone the penis’s look deformed. ferds has never shown any dramatic improvement after such a long time.

      I don’t mind if he works alongside ferds because then we’d have two artists for this site to match the others, but I wouldn’t mind if he replaced him either.

      • Jacketguy says:

        Weird, dicks and pussies have been looking fine for a while now, at least that’s what I think.

        • Xeos says:

          The site has “High Quality Art” posted at the very top, yet ferds art does not meet those standards.

          You compare the way Rex, Lexus, Darwin and even Joe draw the breasts, pussy’s and penis’s of characters, and it’s not hard to see the difference in quality.

          Fairy Tail should have 2 really strong, decent artists as it has so many female characters. If HentaiKey got of their backsides and paid more attention to this site, it’d be up their with Naruto and Bleach Pixxx.

          • Jacketguy says:

            No point comparing Lexus, he came in professionally. His very first sample looked better than anything ever seen on a Pixxx site, almost as if it were straight out of the anime, (he hasn’t had to refine his style much like the other artists). Just saiyan.

            It’s not hard to see the difference because they all have different styles, literally lol.

            Rex sort of goes for a hyperrealistic look (he had played around with gloss/shine effects, blur effects ( or whatever that’s called), and then a more simple look without HR or the blur thing).

            Lexus goes with an anime style, and in turn it looks exactly like it.

            Darwin’s kind of in the middle with a sort of (clay?)-like look… I think.

            Joe… I don’t know how to classify him. Also, you can take him out of the ‘breasts’ category since it’s a hit and miss with him (on his latest pic the areola line isn’t even lined up with the coloring and on his “Oh Mai!” pic the nipples look too high on the breasts). Not to mention that he has a sketch style (that’s the word I was looking for!), jaws are a little ‘too’ angular, and occasionally either colors outside the lines or doesn’t meet the line. No offense to him, just pointing stuff out.

            Ferds is like a mix between anime and gloss/shine effects. He too has went through many styles before settling on one (like 4 or 5, maybe even 6 O.o).

            Anyway, like I said everyone has their own styles, even Ellery, Claudius, Nabe, and Robert (though his seems similar to Rex’s but his lines are usually shaky) are all different. What it seems like to me is you just don’t like his (Ferds’) style, but that doesn’t mean it’s shit.

      • Xeliz says:

        The bad thing of HentaiKey is that it brings novice artists, when they should seek experienced artists like lexus or rex.

        This site is 2 years old and the best pictures are the samples that did darwin and lexus

  8. Hidan says:

    Ferds, where are you?

  9. Blaise says:

    In quality-wise, I feel like these drawing’s are very poorly made. From distant look, it seems like it’s good but in closer looks the actual art presentation isn’t that good. Most people want to say that Ferds Art is poorly made in which I think is still pretty good (still needs work, but isn’t as bad as they make it sound to be), but honestly I wouldn’t be able to tell you that these are that much greater. Anatomy-wise, their are so many things that makes these not as good as they could be. Xeos stated that Ferds don’t know how to draw a pussy or nipples, but honestly this guy’s pussy are far unrealistic compared to Ferds, and even the nipples which are gradually easy to draw. I feel this would be a bad idea to bring this guy on FTPixxx, I cannot see him show anything good to the site’s future and Artworks presented. ALL of his samples are very poor quality drawn, he doesn’t seem to know how to draw any of the bodies Anatomy (Penis, Pussy, Nipples, Foot, Hands, Arms, Legs, Ass, Nose, Eyes, Head, Testacles,(Even the belly button), etc).

    Sorry Yaichi, I feel like your Artwork just isn’t good enough for FTPixxx nor Paid Art. I can’t see you in anyway replace Ferds as you currently stand.

    Also, on a side note i’d like to know if there’s anyway to apply for an Artist job for FTPixxx and if there is How to. I myself am an Artist, and i’d like to apply to become an Artist for HentaiKey (Specifically work for FairytailPixxx)

    • Xeos says:

      I’m sorry but I have to heavily disagree with everything you’ve just said. First of all, let’s get one major point out in the open so it’s clear to you.

      This guy isn’t a hired artist for this site yet.

      Just let that sink in for a minute. He’s had no guidance or experience from anyone before this at all. Like Rex, Darwin, Lexus, Joe, Robert and Claudius, they ALL started from scratch, from nothing good, their work back when they first started drawing was probably terrible as well. Go and take a look at how Rex’s very first pictures for Naruto Pixxx look like from 5 YEARS ago. and now compare it to the way he draws now. it’s drastic improvement on a massive scale.

      Not just Rex, but all the other artist have had time to practice and practice to further improve their art, they’ve had positive and negative comments and critique from people in the comments on the site, and they use that to improve on their work as well. Putting someone down like this saying that their art is not good at all is a joke. Every one of the artists have had to go through this stage, and Yaichi is following suit.

      The second main point is where Fairy Tail Pixxx currently stands in terms of the quality of art and the artists that get hired to work on it. Out of the 5 Pixxx sites, Fairy Tail Pixxx is the newest and in 4 days it will be it’s 2nd anniversary. I was pretty excited knowing that we’d get a hentai site dedicated to a series where there are a lot of beautiful female characters in it, and it could be a huge hit if the artists were talented enough.

      Nabe was the first artist for the site and he had barely had any experience at all, the first month it became apparent that he didn’t know what style to draw, let alone the bodily proportions for any characters, and the anatomy was terribly drawn. For the first year he was the artits for the site, and to be honest, there really was no progress with the art style.

      ferds is the current artist we have for the site and again, he was an inexperienced when he first started as well. A year passed and while he’s brought a lot of pics to the site, there is nothing about any of them that says “High Quality Art” Sure, his art style is refined slightly, but that’s all the improvement he’s done in a year. He can’t draw anatomy correctly, bodily proportions have gone out the window and truth be told his art style does not work with a series like Fairy Tail.

      It’s about damn time that people woke up and realized that he’s not a great artist. People keep clinging to him and sticking up for him. It’s about time you realized that the only reason you like his art is because you’ve become so accustomed to it over time.

      We need a new artist or two to change the way things are on this site, otherwise it’ll remain a piece of crap forever. ferds either needs to ste p up his game or step down as an artist. If Yaichi get’s hired as a secondary artists then maybe we might just see that the art quality increase on his part.

      Give Yaichi a chance to show what he can do, you have to remember that, like ferds these pinups are quite old and were probably done a while ago. Let him show you what he can do before you all jump the gun and say that he’s rubbish.

      And I hope Hentai Key pay attention to this post. Something needs to be done about this site, because 2 years is a long time to start taking into account how bad it’s gotten. Do something about it already.

      • Yaichi says:

        Why are you trying so hard? It’s obvious that they don’t like my work. I’m not upset about it or anything, it’s just that I’m not used to drawing hentai. Whether they like it or not, what matters to me is that I like it. I guess what I’m saying is… I really appreciate that you like my work and you think I deserve a shot at it and improve… but I’ll just try at a different approach…

        • Xeos says:

          It’s not that I’m trying hard for your sake personally, but for the site itself. It’s been 2 years and it’s seen practically nothing in terms of improvement. Hentai Key pay it no attention even when fans demand that it needs another artists.

          Everyone’s opinions are the same when a new artists starts on the site. They don’t like it. They don’t like change. Because a previous artists has been around for a while, and their art has developed over time, they change their opinions and warm up to it.

          If you stick to it eventually they might say the same about your work. You never know unless you try, so why not ask HentaiKey if you can work as a secondary artist alongside ferds?

    • Kiddo says:

      @Blaise – if you want to be an artist, go to this link:

      Click on “Japanese Artist” post.
      You should see an application form.
      I hope your art is as good as you talk.

  10. Xeos says:

    Well with all that’s been said, I hope you post some more samples soon.

  11. Xeos says:

    Update when?

    Can we at least know if Yaichi is getting hired?

  12. chaoz says:

    i love the new artwork!

  13. Lexus1Fan says:

    Nice work Yaichi, i hope you can work along with ferds. This and one pice sites deserves 2 artists like the others, to not push the artist too much.

    Specially one piece…

    • Xeos says:

      I can agree that One Piece needs an artists to work alongside Robert, but he’s handling the site pretty well by himself for now. Fairy Tail Pixxx is in more if a dire situation then One Piece. We need some quality artist who can actually draw.

      Hopefully though, One Piece will get another artist as well.

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