06-12 Only A Little Peek For You WBG

Only A Little Peek For You

Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by Ferds 4 Comments

 requested by juvia123

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  1. Logax23 says:

    Wow, Juvia is very hot and sexy in this pic!

    Nice work Ferds!

  2. Ha ha ! *-* ♥ Juvia is one of my preferred ! :p ♥ She makes left my Top 5 from the girls of Fairy Tail ! :D

    She has a small just provocative perfect air and goddess’s body of waters, excellent depiction also ! =3 As usual, kept silent we in fact of the excellent work, Ferds ! ;)

  3. Umar Al-Sayf says:

    Oh may, Juvia is f**king sexy! I’d rip those wet clothes off and destroy that! <3

  4. Gray-sama says:

    ^your not the only on
    •_• I would pleasure her to no end, and then some…

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