I Know It Might Be Wrong...
Posted on: March 13th, 2013 by Web Admin 8 Comments
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...but I'm in love with Ultear's mom!

Fun fact: I didn't draw this because I heard the song. I just couldn't think of any other title. Seriously. Attempting a dark, candlelit room type thing to go along with it. Also thought I'd aim for a more "subtle" take on things. But oh man, and she keeps making me think of straight shota. Don't go there, Nabey!

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  1. WakeUpKiva says:

    Damn. Ur resembles Tashigi from One Piece, except Ur is a D-cups

  2. Sarge says:

    Would straight shota be against your company’s policy or something? Or is it just a personal thing? lol cause I know rex from Narutopixxx has a few pics of Konohamaru, and he’s fairly young.

    Just curious is all.

    • Nabe says:

      Nah I’m not gonna put any shota here. Though personally I like the “mature woman” aspect of the deal. ‘Specially in my case, there’s a time I had this really hot teacher back in junior high…

      • Sarge says:

        I figured you probably wouldn’t put shota up on this site. I was just asking if was your personal choice, or a company policy type deal.

        Admittedly, I too enjoy the mature woman aspect of hentai xP spices things up in my opinion.

  3. AkuraRyusei says:

    I think of Ur when I hear the slow version

  4. time says:

    I love Ur !!

    Great pic ;)

  5. Forever Red says:

    Go,go,go,go,gogogoGO!!!!!Do it Nabe. *Evil Maniacal Laughter*

    Also,excellent pic with a hint of romance.Nice. ;)

  6. Erza lover says:

    please more pic of her, nabe!! damn she is hot. I wished she was my teacher. Lol :) thanks man!

    everybody in FT have to be gorgeous. Wha’re dirty mind Hiro-sensei have.

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