Whoever Loses, We All Win

Whoever Loses, We All Win

Posted on: February 28th, 2013 by Web Admin 10 Comments

I think somebody actually said that in the anime, or it could just be a translation thing. Hey, come to think of it I've never done a solo piece for Mirajane before, she tends to get paired up with someone. Also, I kinda miss doing a bukakke thingy. It's kinda fun to do, a bit... cathartic too, for some reason... hmm, I might be onto something here...

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  1. BraidMyPubes says:


  2. Levi Lover says:

    Why Is Mirajane’s Boobs Still Bouncing ??? Lol

  3. Yo, Nabe, think we can get some Chelia some time? She is mighty cute in the recent episodes.

  4. coco says:

    Fairy Tail anime will be canceled. It’s not like I care since I never been a Fairy tail fan. even thinking of dropping the manga for obvious reasons. I’m here coz I enjoy hentai art no more.

    • Nabe says:

      seems like a budget issue, by the looks of it
      hand-drawn 2d animation costs money per frame and element, and what with them stretching their arcs in many points and all that (I blame their decision on holding off the Tournament arc due to executive meddling)
      but I think this could just mean a new FT show in the future at some point or another… like do you remember what happened when things just got messed up with the Full Metal Alchemist show during its first run?

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