Special Friends

Special Friends

Posted on: November 21st, 2012 by Web Admin 20 Comments

 requested by xxxLover

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  1. GodOfPeace says:

    Hmmm, I can be wrong, but I still think that her skin color suppose to be darker.:)

    But other than that, it’s pretty good! I have to say, her eyes/expression is a lot more Erza-like in this one than in your first attempt.^^

    • GodOfPeace says:

      Oh and one more thing; you should work a bit more on genitals though.:S Her pussy doesn’t looks so yummy (neither her ass), and his cock is looking like a stick.:/

      • TheCommenter says:

        Its good to give criticism to the new artist but give him a little break, he is just starting and his/her drawings are pretty good…. have you seen Rex first artworks? they’re pretty ugly

        • GodOfPeace says:

          Yeah I know, sorry. I’m just trying to point out these smallish things. And not just the negatives, the positives also.:)

          But I think, Nabe should just study rex’s style a bit, or even Robert’s.:) (One Piece is more similar to FT, after all)

        • Nabe says:

          It’s cool, bro. Just figuring stuff out when the first batch was being put in. Got to admit they do seem weird, looking back at them.

  2. Haos says:

    Very exciting Nabe!Very good work!

  3. Nabe says:

    thanks for the comments. this one is a different render than the previous two. but i’ll take note of the stuff you mentioned so i could improve it as i go further.

    • rafath says:

      Nabe is another hint about the tags. Put the name of the characters would greatly help in the future when we’re having a lot of hot pictures :) . I liked the pic. Continue improving \o

  4. xxxLover says:

    Hey Nabe, thank you for the pic I liked!

  5. Rrr says:

    I think if you stick to the style of the previous Lucy pic then all your pictures would look fantastic, but keep the breasts large as that is the running trend for most Fairy Tail girls.
    Apart from that your doing fine, you got the proportions and faces accurate and a very animeish look to it.

  6. Riot Of Blood says:

    I like drawing and coloring you gave Nabe, the pose, gestures and body you have been great to me.

    Excellent image, I hope you keep up the good work on your other pictures.

  7. InsertGayNameHere says:

    Ahaha, Erza’s face is pretty much what I imagine it to be when she has sex. “D…do I do this? Or this..?”

  8. dildoblack22 says:

    make a better drawquality! in the anime have the characters a better face and here not…

  9. giggity says:

    looks good nice to see a new pixxx site. maybe have a little chat with ellery from bleachpixxx for some tips on drawing she’s really good.

  10. Tim says:

    nice face expresstions thats totaly erza!

  11. kitter says:

    erza ass view please and creampie

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