"Erza Scarlet"

First Attempt On Erza Scarlet!

Posted on: November 19th, 2012 by Web Admin 35 Comments

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  1. GodOfPeace says:

    Welcome Nabe!:D Can’t believe that the FT site is FINALLY up & running.xD Time for me to become a member too.:D

    Nice job, Erza is my all time favorite FT gal fo sho.=)
    I wonder, do you plan on making your drawings as close as possible to the original (anime/manga), or you’ll try instead a bit different, “free”style?

    Whatever it is, keep it up! & – again – welcome!:D

  2. Skateboardpsc says:

    Looks pretty good keep up the good work hope to see more updates soon

  3. Xeos says:

    Congratulations on your first picture to the site, it is amazing. she looksreally good there too! Continue doing your great work and supply awesome pictures. Any chance of a Lissana pic?

  4. Fairytail4ever says:

    Finally FT picks!!!!

  5. DeidaraC4 says:

    Great!!!I was hoping so much for this!!!

  6. YES I LOVE IT i hope there will be a natsu and gray DP Lucy and the name should be “Burning Ice” please one of the members can you pplease request this? If you say yes my face will be
    (;~;)*happy cry face* and if you say no my face will be
    (¤-¤)*i will kill you face*

  7. GodOfPeace says:

    Hey, & welcome!:3 I hate to start with criticism, but she looks more like Sherry than Erza, something with her eyes just aren’t right and that expression on her aren’t so fitting either, it’s a bit Wendy-like. Furthermore – if my memory serves right – her skin color suppose to be darker, & her pussy & nipples are very bright.

    But, other than this I think it’s pretty good, especially for a start.:) I’m looking forward to see more pieces from you!

  8. elephants says:


  9. rafath says:

    Welcome Nabe. We wait for pics and you will feel here \ o

  10. dragonfly82 says:

    Congrats on first pic,
    looking forward for future pics….
    (especially Juvia and Mirajane)

  11. Zidane says:

    I really like this first picture and i hope to see more of them
    Work well and have a nice day ;)

  12. Hentai atic says:

    I’m just glad that the sites up and going take your time and can’t wait to see more

  13. xxxLover says:

    Welcome Nabe! Amazing Erza´s pic.

  14. Riot Of Blood says:

    Like other users, looked forward to the arrival of Fairy Tail site and now I can see, that has made ​​possible a page with images as well.

    I like the design of Erza, and like some wonder if handled the design of the manga / anime or design you own, as it is so great to see creations.

    Congratulations, and I hope more updates soon know if there will be a mailbox requests, you know to do that please us more.

  15. Weiß says:

    Congratulations on having the site up! Really digging the first image, gratz to that as well. Here’s to great images.

    PS: vote Jenny on the Narutoforums Miss Fairy Tail Contest.:P

  16. gtbadbau says:

    can you draw Erza lucy gray team sex

  17. Finally a PIXXX-site for FT too. I have waited long for this. A great pic of my favorite hentai character from FT, Erza Scarlet. Thanks for the pic, Admin. I look forward for more pictures on this site and I hope for more hentai pictures from FT. Great job for making my day with this site. :)

  18. myevltwin says:

    Not sure if it’s just me, but the login function isn’t working. Just pointing it out. Good job by the way. Nicely done.

  19. admin says:

    Thanks everyone! I hope i can do a lot more better in the future on your requests :)

  20. SexySo says:

    The reason that the picture doesn’t fully look like Erza is probaly because the artist needs to get more familiar with drawing her and other Fairytail girls practice makes perfect and I mean no criticism by writing this I love the pic

  21. Nabe says:

    hi there, thank you for your comments. you may expect different renders but rest assured i’ll make it as close like the anime/manga :) thanks everyone!

  22. shaojie says:

    Cool I very like Fairy Tail
    They have many beautiful girl

  23. Hellllo says:

    Can’t wait for your first Mirajane :D !

  24. TheUnknown says:

    Finnally fariy tail pixxx woooot!!!!1

  25. Pornlover says:

    Finally! Decent porn of fairy tail!! I’m gonna have a real good wank now
    ; )

  26. Mr.Bates says:

    finally i’ve been waiting for this site 4 a long tim

  27. Black rock shooter says:

    I love Erza my fav gal from this anime :x now it wil be fun to watch this

  28. Lukas says:

    Ohh thank god and Nabe for this finally release of fairy tail pixxx :D
    I love this site and fairy tail and your pixxx´s are amazing ;)

  29. caonima says:


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